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Thread: game 3 thoughts!!!

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    game 3 thoughts!!!

    Well we blew another one!

    Can we blame it on Sweed?

    Can we blame it on coaching? (going for it on 4th down right before end of 1st half)

    Can we blame the defense?

    Can we blame it again on Reed?

    You know we let another one slip away when we dominated the first half. A lot of people think were done. This is going to make us stronger. It has to make us stronger!!

    We should be 3-0 but we can't finish. We need to play a whole 60 minutes! Our entire team including the coaching staff! We act like we have the game in hand and then change our play. We need to dominate early and for the entire game. We were moving the ball pretty easilly so Tomlin goes for it on 4th down and we blow it and they get in field goal range via good field position and get back in the game.

    We can't blame just Sweed for dropping an easy TD! We can't blame Reed for missing another makable field goal! We can't blame the coaching by not being able to score a TD deep inside the red zone! We are a team and needs to play a complete game so when someone does drop a ball or miss a kick we can compensate for it!!!

    We are the Steelers!! We had the toughest schedule last year and went all the way!
    We have won 6 championships!! We will learn from these 2 losses ( give aways!). That's what they are. No team has beat us yet! We have beaten ourselves!!!!

    When we play a complete game no team stands a chance!!!!

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    Remeber the goal is to get into the playoffs playing good ball.
    Steelers need to get their sh#t together, beat the Chargers at Heinz, and go into the bye week ready to work their asses off.

    We are in tough already. 3rd in the division.

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    The reason we lost this game is because we failed to score touchdowns early in the game. Our defense has played great early in games, but they have been shaky at best in the fourth quarter. Now I did expect some sort of a drop off with Troy out but there is no excuse for James Farrior missing that tackle at the end. This whole game was a collection of missed opportunities from both sides of the ball.

    Now there were positives:
    -Willie Parker: I really hope this rushing performance was not a product of playing a mediocre defense.
    -Mike Wallace: He won himself the no. 3 recieving role IMO. Great game from this young man. I only wish he could have stayed in bounds on that long pass.
    -Ben: Other than that interception, he played another solid game.

    I don't know what to think about this team. We are putting ourselves in great positions to win every week. I guess we just need to work on execution so we don't get in these situations.

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    Running game today was a product of playing a weaker defence.

    There should now be a huge sense of urgency for next weeks game. How the team will be big.

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    This team does not look good. This looks to be another let down after a SB win. Ben looks good, but this Def looks second rate. I think its safe to say that our book-ends were getting all those sacks last year because Troy was forcing QB's to hold that ball longer. Unless...Cincy is really that good, and could be 3-0 if not for a fluke loss to Denver. Sweed dropping the ball hurt. Reed missing again hurt. Holmes dropping passes hurt. Ward getting flagged hurt. But what looked good was the O-line and the running game. Is this team doing this to just **** me off? Maybe it will come together. I just dont see all that much heart coming from this team. I dont see any fire from the side line. Could this team fall to 1-3? I'm sad, and its all because of the Steelers............
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    Just goes to show that there is little difference between winning and losing in the NFL. A little bit of confidence and we will be back on track.

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    I have faith in these guys to pull it together but we don't have much time....I know its only 3 games in but we are already 3rd in the division.

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    Not confident that they are able to convert on 3rd or 4th and 1. If they were we punch it in on 4th from the 1 instead of settling for a FG. Our red zone O needs to get TD's.

    Dropping passes for the second week in a row.

    Lack of any pass rush. When we fix this we will get turn overs again.

    Bright spots are the O line is playing much better and Wallace has stepped up.
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    Im disapointed again this week but still not worried the seaons still young and jtretz said we should be 3-0 but we gacve away two games we had and should have won. Just gotta rebound next week and beat chargers 1-3 doesnt sound or look good an dI dont wanna have deal that. Then week 5 we have lions so win next two weeks we're 3-2

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    Not even worried. The Day I worry is when the steelers get man handled. A loss is a loss but it wasnt a blow out. Quick fix

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