Not enough pressure on Palmer
too much zone "D" that allowed palmer to dink and dunk down the field!
Costly pix six by a mixup by ben or holmes
Limus PEED could not keep his hands on a ball that was caught and dropped when he hit the ground!!!
He'll be in the doghouse unless he has a great week of practice!
missed FG by Reed
although a 52 yard kick is no gimme!
In conclusion: we stunk!!!
why did mendenhall not just go down on the final kickoff, which would have saved a few seconds and maybe (if Pitt still had a Timeout)
get in play to MAYBE pickup 30 yards, call T.O. and MAYBE kick a 50 yard FG to tie and go into OT!!!
Tomlin said he was a young guy trying to make a play!
too many little mistakes lead to a loss that should NEVER had happened!!