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Thread: James Harrison roughing the passer call...

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    James Harrison roughing the passer call...

    Anyone think that Harrison was kinda blocked into Cutler when he was called for that roughing the passer penalty in the 2nd qtr., which (at that time the Bears were backed up on the 2) they got 15 and swiftly moved the ball downfield from there.

    I don't entirely fault him, cause on the replay it looked like he kinda got pushed down and rolled into Cutler late. What do you think?

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    Last season it was decided that even though he is blocked into the passer, its still called as a roughing the passer, so the call is alright. Its a freaking stupid rule though
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    He didn't mean too, but he hit him in the knee's....
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    He was pushed into Cutler BUT isn't it odd how he get called for roughing and OL never gets called for HOLDING Harrison when he's rushing?! hmmmmm.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by freddie View Post
    He was pushed into Cutler BUT isn't it odd how he get called for roughing and OL never gets called for HOLDING Harrison when he's rushing?! hmmmmm.......
    YEAH, funny, isn't it....
    They certaininly didn't call the holding on Holmes on the missed TD pass before Reed's 2nd miss.....

    Hey, gonna call ticky tack calls, it's gotta go both ways...
    Wonder if PItt will get a letter form offiacial's office saying, "Oops, sory we missed ANOTHER call,"
    I guess we can put it with all the OTHER letters saying
    sorry that we screwed you guys gain for being blind....
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    Ref's are throwing flags at a superhuman rate. There must have been at least 20 flags during the Jets game. Made the game almost unwatchable at times. The ref's must be under some league mandated agenda to call games a certain way. They're ruining the experience for me.

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    Honestly... i thought that was more of a cheap shot than a block into him... after the block the then lunges into the QB knees... I didnt feel it was a cheap shot on the Titans TE... but this week I think it was IMO
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    I thought it was a questionable call at the time but I thought the defensive holding on Timmons later on in that drive which lead to the touchdown to tie the game before the half was complete and total garbage...

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    I definitely think Harrison got shafted on that call. His arms were totally spread, Cutler just took the theatrical dive really well.
    One no call I think should've been called, was when Santonio had that ball go through his hands in the endzone on the last drive. The defender was totally face guarding him. He never turned to look for the ball and had his entire arm and hand over Holmes helmet. You are not allowed to stick a hand over the defender, unless you are looking for the ball.
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    The call on Harrison was right technically ,but he did seem more blocked into then lunging at him. I agree on the Holmes cal ,that technically was face guarding also ... btu i still think he should have had it.

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