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Thread: Did Troy fall to the Madden Curse?

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    Did Troy fall to the Madden Curse?

    Madden Cover Curse Strikes Again! Fitzgerald, Take Cover! by Thaddeus Yeiser

    One of America's most beloved video games "Madden" first entered our homes with the debut of John Madden Football in 1989. For about a decade, Madden himself graced the cover of each game.

    This changed in '99 when San Francisco 49ers running back Garrison Hearst graced the cover. This is when the Madden Curse began. From '99 onward, each year a different, high-profile football player would be featured on the cover.

    With the recent injury of Troy Polamalu (The latest cover athlete, shared with Larry Fitzgerald), I couldn't resist bringing this issue back. The cover accolade is certainly an honor, but along with this honor has come a strange phenomenon.

    Virtually every cover athlete has suffered massive injuries, or decline in performance the next year. Call it a coincidence, nit-picking, or something to watch out for, but this article is dedicated to the not-so-lucky victims of Madden's infamous Curse.

    Madden '01 Eddie George

    Before Madden Cover: Started all 16 games in '99 and rushed for 1300 yards while helping to lead the Titans to the Super Bowl.

    After Madden Cover: Got better as a runner and even racked up 1500 yards, but here is where the Curse got started. In the 2000-01 divisional round of the playoffs against the Ravens, he had a costly fumble that helped lead to a shocking loss against the visiting wild card Ravens.

    Verdict : Cursed

    Madden '02 Daunte Culpepper

    Before Madden Cover: In 2000 Culpepper lead the Vikings to 11 wins, the division crown, and to within one game of the Super Bowl.

    After Madden Cover: His stats dropped considerably. He started five fewer games, went from 33 touchdowns to just 14, and the Vikings failed to reach the playoffs for the first time since the '95 season.

    Verdict: Cursed

    Madden '03 Marshall Faulk

    Before Madden Cover: Faulk helped the Greatest Show on Turf go 14-2, light up the NFL and to Super Bowl XXXVI, before a shocking upset at the hands of the Patriots. Faulk put up exceptional numbers.

    After Madden Cover: In 2002 Faulk and the Rams took a big step back. Faulk's yardage dropped by 400 yards, and he rushed for four fewer touchdowns. He did manage to squeak out a seventh pro bowl appearance, but his team dropped all the way to 7-9, and out of the playoffs.

    Verdict: Cursed

    Madden '04 Michael Vick

    Before Madden Cover: Michael Vick electrified the NFL in 2002. He was named to the Pro Bowl, had one of his best seasons statistically, and even led the upstart Falcons to an upset win over the Packers in the playoffs.

    After Madden Cover: In 2003, Vick missed all but four games with a broken leg. The Falcons fell apart without him and finished 5-11. This is a no-brainer.

    Verdict: Cursed

    Madden '05 Ray Lewis

    Perhaps the one person who has legitimately avoided the cover curse. He hardly registered a drop in production and was an outstanding player all around.

    Verdict: Curse Avoided

    Madden '06 Donovan McNabb

    Before Madden Cover: McNabb was fresh off leading the Eagles to their fourth straight Conference Championship appearance and first Super Bowl appearance since the 1980 season. He was a pro bowler and had one of his greatest years as a pro.

    After Madden Cover: McNabb missed seven games. Had a terrible fued with wide receiver Terrell Owens, suffered an obvious drop in production. And to top it off, the Eagles suffered their first losing season since '99.

    Verdict: Cursed

    Madden '07 Shaun Alexander

    Before Madden Cover: In 2005, Alexander was the league MVP and set the record for most rushing touchdowns in a single season with 28.

    After Madden Cover: His performance went in the tank. He ran for almost a 1000 fewer yards, and rushed for 20 fewer touchdowns. Not to mention the fact that his record for most rushing TDs in a season was broken in 2006 by LaDanian Tomlinson.

    Verdict: Cursed

    Madden '08 Vince Young

    Before Madden Cover: Vince led the upstart Titans to a record of 8-5 in games he started. He was named to the Pro Bowl and was named rookie of the year.

    After Madden Cover: In 2007, he threw nine touchdowns to 17 interceptions. He managed to lead the Titans to the playoffs but played poorly in the game. He was eventually relieved of starting duty by Kerry Collins in week one of the '08 season. He hasn't started a game since.

    Verdict: Mild Curse

    Madden '09 Brett Favre

    Before Madden Cover: Brett rides off into the sunset after leading the Packers to one of their best seasons in years.

    After Madden Cover: Opts out of retirement and undergoes offseason-long fued with Packers. He signs with the Jets, and they collapse after an 8-3 start. They finish 9-7 and miss the playoffs.

    Verdict: Cursed

    And now...

    Madden '10 Feat. Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu

    Fresh off a Super Bowl win and at the height of his game, what could possibly go wrong for the Flyin' Hawaiian? Well how bout an MCL tear in the second quarter of week one? He could miss up to six weeks. Madden Cover Curse strikes again. Sorry, Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time.

    Well perhaps there is strength in numbers. Maybe the curse can only affect one guy at a time. Maybe it won't get good ol' Larry Fitzgerald. Or just maybe it's only a matter of time. For when featured on the Madden Cover, many will try but few will ever avoid that dreaded, awful...Madden Cover Curse.

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    9 out of 10 guys (11th starts his season today) either get injured for fall apart in some way that costs their team. The most common argument I hear against the curse is that "football is a physical game, people get hurt" I would be willing to bet that 90% is higher than the league average for getting hurt. People deny it every year, look what happens.

    Verdict: Cursed

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    We will see 2day or see it by midseason.
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    NO fat azz Crumpler felled on him, i personally don't believe in the madden curse, he normally is not in on field goals tries anyway, so IMO he was in the wrong place at the wrong time......he didn't limp off the field i believed it's just an bad sprain an i think he'll be back in a month!

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    Was he on the cover in 2007 too?
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    TOO early to tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXBURGH View Post
    NO fat azz Crumpler felled on him, i personally don't believe in the madden curse, he normally is not in on field goals tries anyway, so IMO he was in the wrong place at the wrong time......he didn't limp off the field i believed it's just an bad sprain an i think he'll be back in a month!
    wrong place wrong time = cursed

    and troy is always on the field for field goal tries

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    What Curse: Was any of the following on the cover this year:
    Urlacher, Mayo, Andwers, Gonzalez, Nicks, Delhomme, McNabb, Pennington, Gore, Tuner, andPalmer

    All the above have been injuied or played poorly in week one. INJURIES happen in a contact sport. And if we are going to blame injuries or poor play to who on a game cover, How do we explain the others?

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    NO, Troy fell to the Troy curse, playing kick *** hard hitting football!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryNJ View Post
    Was he on the cover in 2007 too?
    That is what I was going to say, he has had the exact same injury before. **** happens.

    Still I didn't want him on the cover just to be on the safe side! If the Madden cover players get injured every year for the next 10 years, then I may start to believe in the curse.

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