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Thread: Titans Poem (09/10/09)

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    Titans Poem (09/10/09)

    Titans vs. Steelers on opening night
    We knew this game was going to be a fight
    Fireworks preceded the kickoff on the 10th of September
    But it was the ones created during the game that we would remember
    In the beginning there would be no scoring
    Although lots of drama so it was never boring
    Tennessee was able to run but just couldn’t score
    Rob Bironas missed one kick and we blocked one more
    No points from that field goal but something bad came first
    Troy Polamalu was injured - is he Madden cursed?
    Let’s hope his injury is quickly healed
    Our defense will miss him all over the field
    Before the half was over we finally scored six
    But then the Titans did the same in only a few ticks
    After the half we both kicked a field goal and it was tied again
    We all were hoping for some magic from Big Ben
    Remember those fireworks that I talked about before?
    Well, Ben and the offense got us into position to score
    Unfortunately Hines fumbled which he hasn’t done in a while
    Which also means we saw him without a smile
    The game would go to overtime as the clock ticked to zero
    We just hoped someone would be the game saving hero
    Steelers on offense first - a few passes was all we would need
    To get us into field goal range to let it be ended by Jeff Reed
    Next time you’ll get us - at least that is what I hear
    Just make sure you take care of business this year
    That’ll be postseason and we will probably make it
    But for now one week at a time is how we will take it
    Right now the opinion that Steelers Nation shares
    Is going to Chicago to beat Da Bears

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    F-ck the titans. Troy will be back stronger than ever. Steelers will kick the cubs *** next sunday. By the way, very sweet poem. 2 thumbs up sister.

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    Bear season opens Sunday 4:15 pm

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    Great poem! Thanks

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