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Thread: WALLACE!!

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    Pay the man already .... he's money.

    I'm thinking he's going to be better than Sweed.

    Any takers?
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    Mike Wallace IMPRESSED me very much sorry Limas your out as #3 can't say you was given a fair chance but this kid proved he can be clutch 3rd WR for sure.

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    did Sweed even get thrown at?
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    Yea i like Sweed, but it looks as though Wallace is catching on faster. I'm with u ICS i think wallace is going to be better than Sweed, No i don't remember Sweed even getting a pass thrown his way tonight!

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    Sweed was in there on a few reps, but I believe he was running decoy routes (allowing our #1 and #2 receivers to free up). Wallace had more reps then I anticipated, but he played very well and composed himself even better. Wallace is obviously a future prospect, but if he continues make plays (or simply a clutch catch) like he did tonight, I wouldn't be surprised it Big Ben looks for him like he did Nate Washington last year. He's certainly got the speed, and after that catch tonight, it looks like he's got the hands to back it up.

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    Like I said all summer, Mike Wallace will be huge for us this year. He is catching on much faster than Sweed did last year. Limas had 6 catches last year. Mike had 2 tonite. And he should've had a TD on that opening 3rd down when Ben HORRIBLY under-threw him. Unfortunately Ben couldnt get him the ball but, more often than not, Ben will make that throw.

    BA and Tomlin said before the season that Limas and Mike would be splitting the 3rd reciever job and it looks like Mike is completely capable. And what does that say about Mike Wallace that he is just as far along as Limas is when Mike is a rookie and Limas is in his second year. Limas will still be big for us this year, but so will Mike Wallace. Im just glad that we actually have some big play wideouts. Im really excited about these guys.

    How bout Santonio by the way. 9 catches, 131 yards and 1 TD for Holmes tonite. Sound famliar? those are the EXACT same stats he had in the Super Bowl. He will have an amazing season this year.


    Mike Wallace actually had 3 catches tonite.
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    Wallace got to see some nice playing time tonight and lets face it the kid's got talent. Let's not go totally crazy in thinking he may or may not be better than Sweed may be just yet.

    If he keeps improving and learning his craft he's going to work out great for us and we could have 4 top notch WR's on our roster in no time. Dude can flat out haul *** too, he actually outran that long play that Ben threw to him in the first half and damn near came back to make the catch.

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    Sweed and Wallace are a completely different type of WR. They will each have their moments against different teams.

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    I'm not even close to closing the door on Sweed after one game. The guy will make plays too. Today it was Wallace.
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    I expected big things from mike wallace but no so soon...I wont write sweed off just yet seeing as he didnt get as many looks as wallace.

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