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Thread: Titans vs Steelers - 9/10/2009 - 8pm EST

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    FWP 13 carries 19 yards 1.5 avg
    DJ Crimefighter @

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    MCL sprain now cna turn to MCL tear by saturday

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    im sure i missed alot and might be repeating...but have you pondered Tomlin leading the Bears on. He walk up stairs! I couldnt do that when I screwed up mine..but then he is SuperPalomalu! I think he is back for the Chargers.

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    The way 43 started tonight he might have crushed some records. So sad its an injury that deal with his legs again. He looked lightning fast and I will pray for his speedy recovery

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    Ben looked great. Our passing game is something special. I think Ben is closing on league MVP this year. I know there are some good QB's out there to put up a good fight, but if we cant run the ball this team is going to average 400 yards a game passing...
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    HORRIBLE play calling....I pray Troy will be ok.

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    my take:

    defense: great. secondary struggled a little after troy left but they got the job done.
    passing game: good. mike wallace and limas sweed should come through big the rest of the year and help ben out..finally tall recievers?
    running game: horrible. enough sad. partially on the rbs and partially on the o line. o line didnt provide big holes but willie wasnt doing a great job of looking for them either.
    special teams: love love love stefan logan..great return guy. now we wont need to have our fullbacks returning punts anymore.

    overall pretty good. b+. just wish we could get our running game back..

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