The 2009 season is here and our Steelers are set to go after #7! It's an exciting time on SA and we're glad you're all along for the ride.

We'd like to make a couple friendly reminders to everyone to help keep SA running like a well oiled machine this season just like in years past...

1. Before posting up news, even breaking news, please check the Steelers section of the forums and make sure someone else hasn't already posted up the news. If the staff comes across duplicate threads they will merge, close, or remove the duplicate threads so please do not take it personally. It's just forum maintenance to keep the flow of the pages looking attractive.

2. You are allowed to post up links in your signatures to things like your own blog, website, etc..however any official advertising needs to go through myself or AZ_Steeler. Please contact us via PM, if you'd like to post up a link in your signature or make a thread promoting your sports business, or any business for that matter and we will get back with you. Any unauthorized advertising will be removed by the staff. We have official advertisers on SA so it wouldn't be fair to them to allow everybody and their brother to advertise for free.

Have fun, enjoy the site, let us know how we're doing! We're always open to new ideas from the members so don't hesitate to let us know if you have something that you think would be cool for us to implement on SA.

Here we go Steelers!!!