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Thread: KC game...Nov 21

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    Pittsburgh Steelers vs KC Chiefs

    11-22-09 Kick-off @ noon


    Arrowhead Stadium:

    1 Arrowhead Drive

    Kansas City, MO 64129


    Johnny’s Tavern (Home of the Kansas City Steelers Fan Club):

    6765 W. 119th Street

    Overland Park, KS 66209


    The Night Before Steeler Rally:

    Held at Johnny’s Tavern Saturday, November 21, 2009

    4:00pm – Arrival time (The back room is reserved for us)

    7:00pm – Steeler Raffle

    We will raffle an authentic Steelers jersey and other Steeler items

    Johnny’s is open until 2:00am


    Johnny’s Breakfast Buffet

    7 am to 9 am – full hot breakfast buffet for $5.00 per person

    7 am to 8:45 am – BUS CHECK IN

    9 am Busses Depart for Arrowhead

    BUS CHECK IN: (*The busses are full.*)

    If you are on one of the 4 busses you need to arrive as early as possible to get checked in and get your wrist band. You will not be allowed on a bus without a wrist band. You have to be at Johnny’s by 8:45 am to get your wrist band. We ask to arrive by 8am to get checked in. If everyone arrives at 8:45 that will cause severe delays in boarding the busses and getting to Arrowhead which no one wants. The busses will depart at 9:00am sharp. If you are scheduled to be on the bus and are running late and can not make the deadline then proceed directly to Arrowhead as the busses will not wait for late arrivals.

    You will need to keep your wrist band on to access the bus during the tailgate and to board when we depart from Arrowhead. The busses will depart shortly after the game so please come STRAIGHT to the bus after the game.

    *Bus Names – Big Ben, Polamalu Express, Tomlin Brigade, and the Steel City Crusade

    *The Kansas City Steelers Fan Club is donating 3 – 30 packs of Iron City for each bus. The coolers will remain on the busses during the tailgate and as long as you have your wrist band on you can come off and on the bus to get an Iron City while supplies last. I still recommend everyone bringing a cooler of their own favorite refreshment as there is 54 people to a bus.*


    We will be tailgating in Lot N. YOU MUST ENTER THE STADIUM THROUGH GATE 6!!! We will be in the very back of the lot in the gravel portion of the lot. Lot N is NOT a reserved lot and anyone can park there. Arrowhead does charge $22 per vehicle to park in their lot.

    Gates open at 8:30am. If you are not on the bus please park in the very back on the N Lot and await our arrival. If you are local and joining our tailgate PLEASE bring a grill so those on the bus and out of towners have a place to grill their food. I have copied and pasted a map and parking instructions for Arrowhead (see below).

    We expect close to 500 people at our tailgate and plan to represent Steeler Nation with pride!

    What’s Provided?

    Plates, napkins, and condiments will be provided by Johnny’s Tavern. These will be placed on a table in front of the bus, BIG BEN.

    You will need to bring your own beverages, food and side.

    We will have a few grills that you can cook your meat on. These will be placed all throughout the tailgate.


    When the Chiefs have the ball for their first drive of the first half and their first drive of the second half we are going to do a “Here we go Steelers, here we go! chant”. We will start these chants as soon as the 25 second play clock starts. Obviously you and your group can do a chant whenever you like but this information is being sent throughout the country to dozens of Steeler groups attending. With each group starting the chant I have no doubt we will be heard!


    If you are on one of the busses please go directly to your bus after the game. The busses will be in the N Lot in the same spot from the tailgate party. If you are not taking one of the busses home and did take the bus to the game please let your bus driver know as each bus driver will have a list of people on each bus.


    Johnny’s will be hosting our victory celebration party after the busses drop us off. They will provide a dj and will have half price appetizers from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm.


    Kansas City Steelers Fan Club:

    Johnny’s Tavern:

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    I look for a statement game against the lacey briefs.
    "Like a midget at a urinal, I knew I had to be on my toes." - Lt. Frank Drevin

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    Sounds like a great time Arkie! I wo't be able to participate in the pregame fun but we'll certainly join you in your cheers!
    "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."
    -Wayne Dyer

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    Just some reminders for those coming to Johnny's Saturday night or to the tailgate on gameday:

    Saturday 11-21-09 The Night Before Steeler Rally:

    4:00pm – Arrival time (The back room is reserved for us)

    7:00pm – Steeler Raffle

    Guest appearance by Bob Dvorchak, sports writer for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!

    Bob will also be taking one of the busses to the game with us and will be at the tailgate party.

    We will raffle off 3 authentic Steelers jerseys and 1 ladies Steelers jersey.

    Anyone wearing Steeler attire receives a complimentary raffle ticket. Additional tickets are $1 each.

    Terrible Towels for sale. $2 per towel sale goes to the Michael Margotta fund.

    Johnny's has Iron City, Iron City Light, and pirogues available.

    Johnny’s is open until 2:00am.

    Sunday 11-22-09 Pre-Tailgate Gathering:

    If you are taking one of the busses please park in the back of Johnny's. There is a large parking lot right behind Johnny's, on the south side of the building. The busses will park along Glenwood in that back area as well.

    7:00am – Johnny's opens & breakfast buffet begins (see below) / bus check-in begins


    Full hot breakfast buffet for $5 (cash only).

    Ice Water and Tea included with buffet purchase.

    Bar will be open for refreshment purchases. No "to-go" beer will be sold.

    8:45am - Last call for bus passenger arrivals (sorry busses are full)

    Between 8:45 and 9:00am busses depart (we will not wait for late arrivals)

    *If you volunteered to bring a cooler for the Iron City, please bring them into Johnny's when you get your bus pass

    *The parking lot at Arrowhead opens at 8:30am for those not going to Johnny's

    *If you are local and going straight to Arrowhead, please bring a grill

    *Tailgate section = Lot N in the back, by the gravel through gate 6

    *Terrible Towels for sale. $2 per towel sale goes to the Michael Margotta fund while supplies last

    Kick-off at noon and victory party immediatly following the game at Johnny's

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    Tee, you need to hook up with Arkie, he's a great guy.

    I'm A "Champion"

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    I plan on going to the tailgate. I'm going to the game with another Steelers fan and a Chiefs fan. The Chies fan actually said, "I/m not hanging out with Steelers fans all day." lol

    I dont htink he is expecting there to be too mnay Chiefs fans there.

    --- Added 11/21/2009 at 03:31 PM ---

    how late is tonights pre-game thing Arkie? I wont be getting into KC until later...around 10is at the earliest.

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