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Thread: Don's Crystal Ball 2009 Season Predictions

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    Don's Crystal Ball 2009 Season Predictions

    Crystal Ball
    2009 SEASON

    By DonCanabis/D'BOYZ

    Ok, the wait is finally over, preseason games are done, final cuts have been made and we already know all the injuries for the start of the season.... So with this it's time to dust off the old crystal ball and start with the Season predictions. I know some of you are going to hate me after you see the record of your teams but its part of the job. Let me assure you I take this very serious I go game by game for each team and count everything like depth on the roster in case of injuries plus take to account that each year an average of 5 new teams get to the playoffs some teams from last year have to be left out. Actual injuries and coaches changes to come up with this are a whole process so bare with me.

    Here we go.


    2008 record:7-9
    2009 Projection: 6-10

    Buffalo has made some offseason changes to move them up in the division but no Oline, an injury to their best acquisition, a tougher schedule and question to their starting QB will keep this team out of the big show once again. Plus it's never a good news when a HC fires their OC prior to the first game of the season specially when you're not a new HC and he was handed to you.

    2008 Record: 11-5
    2009 Projection: 8-8

    This is a good team but three things stack against them this year. Every team in the league is either running or practicing to defend the wildcat which was the system that won the at least 5 games last year; add to that a tougher schedule and the fact that Tom Brady is actually healthy this season and if that's not enough add that history is against Cinderella stories the next year.... examples (NO, NE). I don't see a repeat. This team is on the right track but I believe it will take them at least another year.

    2008 Record: 11-5
    2009 Projection: 12-4 (2nd Place)

    This team pisses everyone off except Patriots fans I mean even without Brady they still got almost to the playoffs that says a lot about the depth of the roaster and the coaches in this team. We all can hate them but we also have to admire them. Brady has trouble against aggressive defense we saw that in the SB. Also we have to consider the lack of leaders in the defense many new faces long gone are T.Bruschi, Seymour, Vrabel, key pieces of their SB runs... We have to see how Bellichick handles all this moves.

    2008 Record:9-7
    2009 Projection: 7-9

    Mark Sanchez has looked the best of the new QB's in the league but he has got lucky with some of those preseason throws. The defense is going to get better with Rex in there but they're still a year away if Sanchez doesn't fall into a slump of getting to the big game. This team can surprise because of the coaching staff... Can they pull a Baltimore like last year? That抯 the question but right now I don't see them getting there.


    2008 Record: 11-5
    2009 Projection:13-3 (Conference Champions)

    The surprise from last year New HC new QB and 1 step from the Big Game... The defense has look aggressive like always they have gotten better in the Running game with the development of ray rice and Flacco has a year under his belt if they don't get a slump from the QB you can expect a excellent year.

    2008 Record:4-11-1
    2009 Record 5-11

    This team lost their momentum long ago the roaster has gotten old, the key players are often injured and it looks like M.Lewis has lost the battle I expect it to this being his last year once a team with so much promise.. Now it's back to the 90's

    2008 Record: 4-12
    2009 Record: 4-12

    This team has bigger problems that a QB battle no running game no TE and no secondary is the killer of this team tough second start for Mangini.

    2008 Record:12-4
    2009 Projection:12-4 (Wildcard)

    I like this team and I like it a lot they don't look like they lost a step since the SB but with that the Oline still looks like they haven't lost a step keeping up their bad job from last year. I don't know how many more hits Ben has in his bag but I surely don't think he can last another beating like last year. The defense lost a key leader in Foote that might hurt them more and Mendenhall hasn't shown he can step up in the case fast Willy goes down and we all know he will. Still I believe this team has what it take to get into the big game and once there it's a whole new ballgame.


    2008 Record:8-8
    2009 Projection:9-7

    This team is the Arizona Cardinals of the AFC. A team with tons of potential that should be going to the playoffs each year but always fell short... the biggest difference between Arizona who finally showed up last year and Houston is who they have to beat to get there while Arizona has to take Seattle,St. Louis and San Francisco. Houston has to go against the likes of Tennessee and Indianapolis. The defense didn't look good in the preseason and the end of last year and it's a big question mark especially because they should be doing better with the players they got. They offense is one of the best but you have to be worried about Schuabb injury bug. He just can't stay healthy... But at the end what it comes down to be the players believing they are that good you can have all the talent and pieces to the puzzle but if they don't believe it they won't make it... This could be their year or it can be another disappointing season.

    2008 Record:12-4
    2009 Projection: 11-5 (3rd Place)

    Indianapolis has huge question marks starting with the loss of Tony Dungy, new Coaching staff can disrupt the harmony in this team plus they don't have anyone who can cover Manning blind side. But last year with all the questions with his knee especially at the start of the season Peyton found a way to take this team to the playoffs. So I can't start doubting Peyton now...

    2008 Record: 5-11
    2009 Projection: 6-10

    They might not say they're in rebuild mode but they're. They did the right thing in the past two drafts going for DE last year and OL this year Mighty Mouse might do a better job this year with a better line but the biggest question on that team is the QB he hasn't look good since he got the big contract. This team is at least 1 year away too bad Del Rio might not see it.

    2008 Record:13-3
    2009 Projection: 10-6 (Wild Card)

    The loss of Haynesworthwould be more for the titans that the gain of him by the Redskins, plus The titans have mayor problems in offense yes Collins didn抰 turn the ball over many times but he didn抰 also put to many points on the board and their defense won抰 be able to hold teams as much as they did last year. Still they may get to the Playoffs but I don抰 expect them to go deep.

    2008 Record: 8-8
    2009 Projection: 2-14

    They lost their franchise QB and got a backup that now is hurt (yeah he started in Chicago but so could most backups in the NFL), plus his backup is hurt, their best WR is on the cooler, the new HC has pissed everybody except the owner and to top it all tey didn抰 upgrade a bad defense. GL it抯 going to be a looong season.

    2008 Record:2-14
    2009 Projection:8-8

    They made all the right moves this offseason they went for a top HC candidate, they got the best GM out there and got a great prospect at QB and the second best out there (behind Cutler). Yes there is question still behind Castle after just one season but he has a great support system behind him. Also I like the move off the canning of Galey. Haley got the job by being a great OC and he has to put his offense and system in there. This team will compete and put some close games and make trouble to some teams.

    2008 Record: 5-11
    2009 Projection:3-13

    This team just can抰 get a break, and I like Cable I do and he has the attitude this team needs to get out of the hole but still has to many problems In both sides of the ball and if Al Davis keeps managing the draft this team will never get out of their funk

    2008 Record: 8-8
    2009 Projection: 10-6 (4th Place)

    I do believe the moment of this team to win the big one has passed by and now they抮e just benefiting from being in the worst division in the NFL, This team has hurt and they show it every year by playing top football at the most crucial times. Still I don抰 trust Norv, and Merriman hasn抰 come back from the injury last year. Still this team has tons of talent and should be enough to get them in the playoffs once more.


    --- Added 9/7/2009 at 01:52 AM ---


    2008 Record: 9-7
    2009 Projection: 11-5 (Wild Card)

    There are questions about the WR position by the dismissal of TO but this is more created by the media that the real thing the fact is Dallas has a balance offense with tons of weapons the biggest problem in Valley Ranch is depth this team has the worst backups in the NFL they can抰 afford any injuries to their top players especially the defense. Plus they got one of the most talented O lines in the NFL but they don抰 play up to their level. If this team play up to their potential they can go deep for once it all comes down if they want it in December.

    2008 Record: 12-4
    2009 Projection: 12-4 (1st Place)

    This team looked way better after FA and the Draft that it looks now. They got better at D-line but their acquisitions are hurt some might end up on IR, plus their stop starter has totally come back from injury. The lost of DC Spagnuolo has hurt as we expected and it has shown in the events in the preseason. At first we thought they had depth at WR position with tons of rookies and former 1st and 2nd round picks but after nobody other than Steve Smith stepped up during the preseason the questions still remains who will be the deep threat.

    2008 Record: 9-6-1
    2009 Projection 10-6

    This team will self destruct in 321. Finally McNabb has wr and a decent backup for Westbrook when he falls apart during miss season. But now the biggest question mark is the defense three big loses with leader Brian Dawkings, Starting MLB S. Bradley the core of that defense and the Architect of it all the tragic loss of J.Johnson to cancer this past summer. It will be too much for this team, plus people might believe the signing of M.Vick will help them I believe it will just be a distraction.

    Washington Redskins
    2008 Record: 8-8
    2009 Record 8-8

    When a team is trying to ship their Starting QB not once but twice it isn抰 a great sign, there still questions with the offense especially with the WR. The defense will be better with Haynesworth and can keep games close but it won抰 matter if the offense can抰 score.


    2008 Record: 9-7
    2009 Projection: 11-5 (3rd Place)

    Changing Kyle Orton for Cutler and a healthy Urlacher should be worth at least 2 more wins. Still I don抰 buy into the hype of automatic SB the media has put. Obviously that shift to Minnesota once Favre came back.

    2008 Record: 0-16
    2009 Projection: 3-13

    I would give them 1 more win if Culpepper played but since it looks like Stafford will start this team is finally moving in the right direction and it all started with the firing of Matt Millen last year let抯 hope the Ford keep moving that way and bring back some respect to a once proud franchise.

    2008 Record: 6-10
    2009 Projection: 10-6 (Wildcard)

    Aaron Rodgers did good last year the defense let them down. Here comes Cappers to save the day. New formation, new look and it looks great right now. If they keep it up this team looks scary.

    2008 Record: 10-6
    2009 Projection: 8-8

    Some might think having Brett Favre is a step forward I believe it抯 a step back. The running game is crazy Percy Harvin will make some big plays and the defense is great but I do expect the Williams getting suspended by the league and the run defense will suffer. I don抰 expect Favre to last the whole season he even got hurt in his first game back.


    2008 Record: 11-5
    2009 Projection: 7-9

    I expect a drop-off from the falcons this year their defense has big problems and I don抰 expect Ryan to have another big year. Teams didn抰 expect the Falcons team they saw last year but they will be prepared this year.

    2008 Record: 12-4
    2009 Projection: 9-7

    Same thing big running game but Delhomme has lost a step the past few years and will cost this team some games. They face tougher competition this year it won抰 be a smooth ride anymore.

    2008 Record: 8-8
    2009 Record 10-6 (4th Place)

    I expect the team we all have been expecting since they went to the Championship 3 years ago. The defense has been upgraded and the offense last time I checked still has Brees. This team is due.

    2008 Record: 9-7
    2009 record: 5-11

    No QB, No OC and No defense no way. Plain and simple this team is rebuilding and needs a lot.


    2008 Record: 9-7
    2009 Projection: 12-4(2nd Place)

    Arizona finally shows up after years of making us analyst look bad. But the payday in the playoffs I got make me even with them so no hard feelings. The team finally tasted victory and loved it. Only problem winning can go to their heads and mess everything up. We all know what usually happens to the Super Bowl losers the Next year but they don抰 play In the AFC west. Expect them to get back to the playoffs.

    2008 Record: 7-9
    2009 Projection: 5-11

    Singletary has this team in the right direction but that doesn抰 mean this team problems are fixed. They still don抰 have a QB and pep talk can only get you so far.

    2008 Record: 4-12
    2009 Projection: 8-8

    A healthy Seahawks team is a way better team but still not good enough to get back in the big game. Hasselbeck isn抰 what he used to they got no threat at RB they will be better but unless Arizona has a major collapse they won抰 make it.

    2008 Record: 2-14
    2009 Projection: 3-13

    Spagnuolo will get this team going in the right direction but still a long way to go too many holes, too many things too fix in just one season but his the best man to turn this franchise around.

    Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots

    Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys

    Baltimore Ravens vs Green Bay Packers

    Baltimore Ravens
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    Nice job with this, I did one at spot-forums and I have the SB as Tennesse v.s. Philadelphia. Of course I really think the Steelers get back to the SB, but I certainly not going to officially predict that.

    Big balls projecting the Ravens to win the SB and then posting it here.

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    6,818 definitely no.

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    Is this guy outta his Fu***** mind??? The Ravens?? They will regress this year and injuries will take there toll on the RatBirds

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    Ravens will be good, but they sure as hell wont go 13-3... bengals will be better than Ravens this year, mark it down!
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    as a packers fan i cant help but think these predictions are awesome!
    but like everyone else im thinking that playoff picture is going to run quick not only as the season goes on but also as the playoffs start and progress.
    i stand by that no one can consistently predict playoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darnik44 View Post
    Nice job with this, I did one at spot-forums and I have the SB as Tennesse v.s. Philadelphia. Of course I really think the Steelers get back to the SB, but I certainly not going to officially predict that.

    Big balls projecting the Ravens to win the SB and then posting it here.
    I Like the Steelers also a lot but two things made me go against you guys

    1.- It's hard to go back 2 back in todays NFL injuries bad luck, FA it's not easy but not impossible.
    2.- I really don't like your Oline and do believe eventually will take it's toll on Ben even if he's a tough SOB

    --- Added 9/7/2009 at 02:04 PM ---

    Quote Originally Posted by mateus View Post
    as a packers fan i cant help but think these predictions are awesome!
    but like everyone else im thinking that playoff picture is going to run quick not only as the season goes on but also as the playoffs start and progress.
    i stand by that no one can consistently predict playoffs.
    I totally agree with you it's far more easier to predict who will get to the playoffs and I'm very confident with the teams I choose to get there but once they get there is a whole different ball game.

    Like which teams are the most healthy, who is hot who is not, who stack up better against the other team. I like what I have for the playoffs and hate predicting SB winners because 80% of the time you'll get them wrong... GOD I miss the 90's everything was a lot more easier back then.

    It's like the past two years once every team reached the playoffs before the games started who had Ari vs Pit in the SB or NYG vs NE the year before. The playoffs is a whole new season and it's hard to predict in September what's going to happen in February. But somebody has to do it. LOL.

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