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Thread: Is Mewelde Moore the Steelers' Best RB?

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    Is Mewelde Moore the Steelers' Best RB?

    By Dutch | September 2, 2009

    All this talk lately about Redman, Mendenhall, Parker, Summers, etc….Mewelde Moore is once again getting lost in the shuffle.

    If there is one Pittsburgh Steeler who hasn’t received due credit for his work in 2008, it’s running back Mewelde Moore.

    The Steelers signed Moore last year as a free agent from the Minnesota Vikings, where he was stuck behind Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor on the depth chart.
    The Steeler brass may have initially pictured Moore as a quality third down back and possibly a returner on special teams, but when early season injuries hit Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall, Moore was thrust into a starting role for a key stretch of the season. The Steeler offense was a mess. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was spending too much time on his back and the team found itself down to its third running back.

    When things were looking their bleakest, an unanticipated trend began; the offense actually started to improve. It turned out that Mewelde Moore was able to inject the Steelers offense with an added dimension that they simply didn’t have with Willie Parker in the backfield.

    2008 First Down Receptions by Running Back
    Willie Parker 0
    Mewelde Moore 17

    Roethlisberger’s sack percentage decreased a full five percent from the time Moore took over until season’s end. Moore’s ability to catch passes and operate in space provided Roethlisberger a necessary outlet when the opposing defense was bringing the heat.
    Moore’s pass-catching threat also helped bail out the running game from time to time. A little dump-off pass to Moore was sometimes better than trying to run the ball into a brick wall of defenders.

    The San Francisco 49ers of the 1980s thrived on that type of game plan for years with their West Coast Offense. Joe Montana practically made a living throwing a five-yard pass to Roger Craig out in the flat.

    Moore also proved he could be a feature back.

    2008 Yards per Rush, on First Down
    Willie Parker 3.7
    Mewelde Moore 4.6

    The difference between those two numbers is the difference between being ranked fifth-best and fifth-worst in the league.

    Moore also brought a level of consistency to the running game.

    2008 Yards Per Rush, by Carry: Carries 1-5 Carries 6-10Carries 11-15Carries 16 -20
    Willie Parker 3.1 2.7 5.0 3.4
    Mewelde Moore 4.2 4.3 4.3 4.2

    Moore’s average gain was roughly the same, regardless of how early or late in the game those attempts came.
    Parker, in contrast, seemed to need to warm up before spiking at 5.0 yards per gain between his 11th and 15th carries each game. Then, it was almost as if he ran out of gas.
    Moore’s consistency gave the Steelers an element in their ground attack that they hadn’t had since Jerome Bettis retired.
    Finally, Moore was far more likely to get past the line of scrimmage.
    Some people judge running backs based on speed, while others judge them based on power. Perhaps the best way to evaluate a running back is his ability to keep his offense out of third-and-long situations.
    There is no doubt that Willie Parker is the faster back, but he is a one-trick pony.

    2008 Stuff Percentage (hit for loss or no gain)
    Willie Parker 13%
    Mewelde Moore 5%

    Mewelde Moore runs with better vision, breaks more tackles, and catches a lot more passes. He also did a much better job running behind the Steelers’ zone blocking schemes.

    Pittsburgh has run more of a spread offense under Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians and as a result, they don’t rely on a fullback like they used to. Moore’s skill set is better suited for that type of offense.

    With Parker and Mendenhall back in the fold entering 2009, Moore might not get a chance to start this year. Still, the role he played one year ago was invaluable.
    Steeler fans at autograph signings this year need to let Mewelde Moore know how great of a job he did last year.

    After all, few seem to have taken notice.

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    RIDICULOUSLY good looking...

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    and no

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    I dont know whether he is or not but he definitely proved last season that if called upon to fill in and start for either Willie or Mendenhall if one or both should go down he is capable of filling that void and doing so at a pretty strong level. Mewelde Moore was a real unsung hero for the Steelers last season and I believe a huge huge reason why the Steelers won a lot of games. Dont discount his importance on this football team because with as injury prone as Parker has been over the last few seasons, and with Mendenhall still being unproven the Steelers might just need Mewelde Moore once again to step up this season for a few games or so and be the man at running back for the Steelers...I have complete faith and confidence in the guy that if called upon once again he can get the job done at a pretty consistent level...

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    Moore is an outstanding running back, but when you break it down, I would still rather have a healthy Willie Parker ahead of a healthy Mewelde Moore any day. Moore doesn't get nearly the amount recognition he deserves for his abilities, but then again, the Steelers obviously see something in him that other teams don't - that's all that matters. Not only does he have the determination, and heart to achieve the improbable, his versatility as a return man, and his exceptional hands qualify Moore as the second most vital contribution to the Steelers running game - not to knock Mendenhall, but Moore came through in the clutch last year. Moore will continue to be overlooked by opposing teams, and at times, our own, but even more so in the spotlight. His achievements will ultimately be rewarded with the only goal any football player should yearn for, the Lombardi. It happened last year, and with his solid contributions, it oughta happen again this year!

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    I love the Mewelde Moore signing when it happened.....I knew he would be safety valve outlet for Ben in the passing game and he is very good runner in his own right but I don't think he is the Steelers best RB.....He might have the best all around skills of all the RB's on the Steelers roster.....But I think a healthy Willie Parker is a better RB then Moore....I also think Mendenhall has the talent to be best RB on the team and could be one of the best in the NFL one day...But that remains to be seen....

    But Moore is a valued member of this team....You need depth and especially at the RB position....I'm glad Moore is a Steelers and I think he will help this team in various roles this season and beyond....

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    "Healthy Willie Parker" aka Willie Parker against bad defenses.

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    No, I don't think he is. Hopefully we can get Mendenhall going and actually use him like they claimed they were going to last season but never did. Parker on 1st down, Mendenhall on 2nd, Moore on 3rd. You pound that the whole game and no defense will be in good shape by the end of the game.

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    no, he does have the best hands and runs the best routes though

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