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Thread: Winners and Losers (thus far)

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    Winners and Losers (thus far)

    Camp Winners Thus Far

    D. Sepulveda … back from injury and punting further than before …great for the team
    T. Essex … excellent chance to finally crack the starting lineup
    I. Redman … biggest surprise … small college UDFA who might make 53 man roster
    R. Foster … another UDFA with rising star
    D. Legursky … started a pre-season game and showed he can play in the NFL
    J. Capizzi … added strength … given chance to play both guard and tackle positions
    D. Johnson … monster blocker … good shot at 3rd TE/FB position
    R. Harris … out performed Hood in 1st pre-season game … could be 6th round steal
    L. Sweed … showed significant improvement in his 2nd year
    M. Wallace … rookie road-runner who is smooth and has hands … threatens Sweed
    J. Burnett … impressive showing for a rookie 5th round CB pick
    S. McDonald … FA pro who catches everything he touches
    Z. Hood … coaches have been impressed
    K. Lewis … coaches like what they’ve seen
    C. Batch ... still poised and still the #2 QB
    D. Dixon ... nice showing in Cardinal's game

    Positive Mentions … UDFAs who’ve showed well but might not make practice squad

    T. Grisham
    S. McLendon
    J. Schantz
    T. Korte
    D. Richardson
    F. Summers (Redman surpasses him at RB, but moved to FB and contributing to ST's and is doing well @ both)

    Camp Losers?

    T. Hills … being better than expected might not be good enough to stay on roster
    D. Stapleton … good chance he loses starting RG position
    R. Paquet … decent chance he does not make the team
    R. Mundy … had the inside route for back-up FS … could end-up on PS
    M. Nance … good chance he is cut from team
    S. McHugh … recently signed 3 year contract … might not make the team
    A. Harrison … back from injury only to find major competition at LB
    T. Kirschke … looked a bit slower in 1st game … could lose out to Hood/Harris
    S. Paxson … could be DL odd man out
    D. Baker … 53 man roster looks to be out of reach, yet again
    B. Davis … 2nd year player and still not living up to expectations
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    Hills, Stapleton, and Kirshke will all make the team. We are already short on the OL for depth. Kirsshke is still too early, it was 1 pre season game.

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    Actually, bruce davis finally showed something against the cardinals after looking like the laziest linebacker ever last year. If he continues like that he's got a roster spot

    I like mundy, but he still hasn't shown enough. Could definitely go to the PS

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    Charlie Batch a camp winner? He was struggling early in camp. Not to mention in the preseason game he was only 1 for 2 with his only completion being a horribly underthrown ball that Sweed had to make a spectacular adjustment to.

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    wow....completely disagree on davis. hes finally being where hes supposed to. the only knock on him in camp is that hes stiff in the hips. he had a great cardinal game but besides that hes been drawing praise in camp.

    i dont understand your love for mcdonald either....or his "savvy veteren experience"

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    Yeah i have to disagree with Burce Davis also... esp. when you take into account the strides he made from last year to this year! He may not be first off of the bench but i dont think he is a liability to the 53 man roster! He's in IMO!

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    It's going to be hard to keep Wallace off the field, so that'll leave McDonald the odd man out.

    Carey Davis will stay and Summers will go I feel.

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    I was also hearing the Davis experiment is going well this year.
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    It is FINALLY nice to see some of Pitt's lower draft picks looking like they'll make the team instead of getting cut in Tng camp.

    Usually by now the players below the 4th round are gone by now....
    I hope some of this talent will equate to better field position on ST
    and depth on OFFENSE and DEFENSE!
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