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Thread: Training Camp WR Stock Report

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    Training Camp WR Stock Report

    Mike Wallace: Jim Wexell on-site today tweets the following, “Really will be interesting to see if the coaches can keep Mike Wallace off the field. Wow, what a threat.” I’m not sure we ever heard this kind of praise about Willie Reid so at least Wallace has that going for him. I’m not sure it’s realistic to think that he can challenge for the #3 WR spot but the more receiving options the Steelers have, the better. Let’s also take note that over the past week nobody has said Wallace has bad hands, cant run good routes, is having trouble learning the offense, etc….so far everything about this guy has been positive. I guess his stock can only go down from here?

    Tyler Grisham: Is this a case of everyone falling in love with the possession, white guy WR with average speed? Catches everything his way, is tough as nails, has good instincts, but isn’t GREAT at anything? I was wondering that after the first few days until
    I read the following update from CBS today at 4pm, “Steelers rookie WR Tyler Grisham continues to impress in training camp. At one point in drills, head coach Mike Tomlin said to him, “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll be on this team.“ High praise coming from Tomlin. Based on everything we are hearing it sounds like this guy is opening some eyes and his stock is clearly on the rise. The Dallas Baker’s and Martin Nance’s of the world are on notice.

    Limas Sweed: Much like this past season, one day he is up and the next day he is down. Figuring out how/when to short-sell this guy is likely to cause ulcers. I have all the faith in the world in him (I have no clue why) but I expected him to come out blazing this preseason. One report today mentioned that he dropped a wide open pass in the endzone during 11-on-11 drills during practice. He needs to shed the label he has right now as a guy with butterfingers.

    Shaun McDonald: I posted about him earlier in the week and I mentioned that he strikes me as a Mewelde Moore signing. The Steelers snagged him out of free agency, Steeler Nation didn’t bat an eye, and come December you will be thanking Colbert for picking him up. The Detroit Lions threw the ball a ton over the past few years and he was right in the thick of their Mike Martz pass, pass, pass, pass offense. Not a bad guy to have for the #3, 4, 5 spot on your WR depth chart. Remember, there have been times over the last few seasons where the Steelers didn’t have a quality #4 or #5 WR and often relied on TEs, RBs and even FBs to fill that void in certain passing formations. I think this past year Gary Russell and Carey Davis both lined up at WR a few times. Reports out of camp earlier in the week were praising McDonald’s hands and his ability to get open in the endzone. Much like Trai Essex, this guy came into camp rather quietly but might end up getting a lot more playing time than you once expected.

    Martin Nance: He only makes the list this week because his name has been brought up once or twice in a negative light. He is a big receiver and he is a real good friend of Big Ben (played together in college). Beyond that, I don’t think he has a real shot at making the team. It’s not a good sign when the only thing mentioned about you over the past 6 days of camp are “confused” , “struggling”, “bad hands” etc…..Needless to say, his stock is falling. Sell, Sell, Sell.

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    good stuff, all eyes will be on sweed come preseason and i think he will take advatage of it

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    I'm in Latrobe now...yesterday was my first day at training camp. It was nuts. 15,000 people, and my father and I were one of the first 20 cars in the parking lot. There was a lot of waiting time but once it was over it was well worth it. I kept my eye on the recievers most of the time. Mike Wallace, you don't really know how fast he is till you see him close up. He didn't drop one ball all practice and had a beautiful td on 4th down in the back of the endzone that showed his true leaping ability. Limas Sweed, he really impressed me yesterday. He has definitely improved over the past year and it is easy to tell. He caught mostly everything I could see except one thrown badly behind him by ben, where he almost made a great grab. Mcdonalds speed was decent, better than I thought, good hands, I didnt really see him miss anything either. He looks like he could be a pretty decent slot guy. As for Grisham, his speed was good but his hands were so-so...I did see him drop a few yesterday but he looked decent. Hines actually practiced yesterday too...he looked good. He didn't participate in 11 on 11 or 7 on 7 but he looked good in some of the drills and didn't drop a ball. Santonio looks great. His speed was on display and his hands are great. He didn't drop a ball. He was actually back fielding punts with Stefan Logan and Shaun mcdonald and he was catching them with one hand. Joe Burnett was with the punt return guys because he wasn't practicing. I was a little disappointed not to be able to see him but im sure I will tonight or tomorrow.

    --- Added 8/7/2009 at 08:53 AM ---

    Correction - Joe Burnett wasn't with the punt return guys because he wasn't practicing.

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    Lucky dog, Latrobe my old stomping grounds, miss it this time every year!

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    I love the Steelers WR core......Ward and Holmes are proven Super Bowl MVPs.....Plus Holmes is entering his prime years.....Sweed and Wallace are both young talented WR's that bring different skill sets to the table....Sweed has the talent to be Plax Burress with more speed and with no off the field issues........Wallace is bad *** kick returner and a good WR in his own right....I won't be shocked if he contributes this year as a WR....From camp reports he has been having no problems learning the offense or seems over whelmed....I'm not saying Wallace will tear the NFL up....But I could see him catching some bombs this year and spliting the zones to make things easier for the likes of Holmes and Ward......I also liked the Shaun McDonald signing and he was the one vet WR that I wanted brought in after Washington left......

    I want Sweed to win and become the 3rd WR but its nice to have a vet like McDonald as a backup plan if Sweed needs more time to learn the NFL ropes.....I think this is the deepest WR core the Steelers have had in awhile really....I'm expecting Sweed to become a force this year.....I think McDonald and Wallace both will make plays as well this year.......I have no concerns with this WR core.....I'm also rooting for Grisham to make the team.....I always like to see undrafted players succeed and make the team....But I doubt the Steelers will keep six WR's....But if so then I hope its Grisham....

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