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Thread: Steelers Lack of INDIVIDUAL recognition!? WHO CARES!!!

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    Steelers Lack of INDIVIDUAL recognition!? WHO CARES!!! is currently airing TOP 5 per position leading up to the beggining of the '09 season... Currently 2 steelers are making top 5 per position:

    Ben Roethlisberger #4 QB by NFL network
    Troy Polamalu #2 Safety

    Its hard to put Ben (or any qb) above Brady and they currently have Peyton and Mcnabb in that order before Ben. IMO Ben is Number two behind Brady w/ Peyton falling to #3 in the wake of Bens 2nd SB championship.

    Its VERY hard to argue Troy as being the #1 safety with the career Reed has had since coming out of "The U". Reed is the "sexy" pick w/ his highlight plays nearly every game.

    But IMO, there is one steeler who really got "dissed" not making this short list.

    1. James Harrison: NOT a Top 5 edge rusher- Its nearly a slap in the face to leave James off of this list. To make it even worse they have Shawn Merriman (one of my favorite non steelers) on this list after missing a whole season due to injury... following serving a multi-game suspension for testing positive for perfomance enhancing drugs the year before!!!

    Is it hard to argue any other Steelers not making these lists???? In my eyes, not really! Guys like Miller, Aaron Smith and Ike Taylor will always be VASTLY overshadowed by guys who put up more numbers, but is hard to argue with the consistancy those 3 play with!! A guy like Willie Parker was ontop of the world with 3 straight 1300+ yard seasons... but due to injuries, a diminshing o-line and two very run-of-the-mill seasons, Willie is all but forgotten when it comes to runningbacks!

    I REALLY think its a good thing that we didnt see alot of Steelers on these lists... there isnt much talk about the superbowl champs this offseason. Can the Steelers once again fly under the radar. Probley not! They are gonna have the target on their back ALL SEASON!!

    But with the return of Brady, Favre and the MASS of offseason trades and FA's leaving for bigger $$$... the team in Black and gold is staying true to form!! Keeping a team mentality and not worrying about individual accolades!!!
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    The Steelers will never be a flashy team, with standout individual players. Instead, the Steelers play as a cohesive unit on both sides of the football. That style of play is what separates the Steelers, from every other team in the NFL, and it's the reason why they have been so successful over the years. I will take winning over individual accolades any day.
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    one team vs. 53 individuals ,no brainer there

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    All these list are fun to talk about and debate but they really mean nothing. Football is a team sport and as long as we get the W in Feb. nothing else matters!

    It's funny to see all the people hoping on the McNabb bandwagon again. I've watched just about every McNabb and Big Ben game. I like them both and would take either one. But the difference comes down to close games in the playoffs. McNabb hasn't won the big games although I blame more of that on Andy Reid than I do McNabb. Their 2 minute drill sucks not because of McNabb but because of Andy Reid being a control freak. Watch Ben, Brady, Manning, or most other QB's in a 2 minute drive and they are reading plays off thier wrist snapping the ball and running the play. McNabb in the same situation has his hand up to his helmet trying to hear the play that Reid is taking 25 seconds to call into him. It's a joke.

    Big Ben has won the big games so he should be ahead of McNabb. But still behind Brady and Manning.
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    "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."
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    The Steelers are never in the spotlight on NFLN. If you look at there top 5 ranked QB's, RB's, TE's for fantasy teams, there is not one Steeler on there. Aaron Rodgers made there #5 spot, Ben wasnt even mentioned. Even last season when they beat the Patriots & Cowboys back to back, the NFLN would speak more on what Dallas & New England did wrong then what the Steelers did right. Dallas & New England are the NFL's little butt buddies man lol and the Steelers are not a flashy team.

    Hell I think Drew Brees is better then Brady, **** Brady lol

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    the key to these types of polls are strickly numbers: As much as I like fantasy football, people seam to forget what make a player great: WINNING and that is something that Big Ben has done better than ANY OTHER QB in his first five years.

    How could they put Culter, Brees, or McNabb or Manning ahead of Ben: Simple: Fantasy Football: Big Ben has only had one season where he put up great numbers, and if I was drafting a QB in FF, I would take the others before Ben, But I would only that Brady, before Ben in real football. But ask Marino, Favra, or for that matter Manning, Brees, McNabb or Culter if he would trade places with Ben, in a NY minute

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    James was #5 on Rod Woodson's list for edge rushers actually, but at the same time Big Ben wasn't even in Warren Sapp's top 5 Qb's. Total joke, he had Cutler there instead, win some games first.

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    I like it. James will use that as incentive and have an even better year.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejsteeler View Post
    I like it. James will use that as incentive and have an even better year.....

    I really don't think the players give these kinds of things much thought at all. Like the saying goes, "opinions are like *******s, everyones got one". At this level if you need negative press to help you play hard you aren't gonna be around very long.

    As far as flying under the radar goes that is not going to happen. Regardless of what the sportwriters say, everyone plays a little harder against the defending champs. We are the measuring stick that our opponents will measure themselves against.

    Here are my top 5 AFC teams:

    1. Steelers
    2. Patriots
    3. Colts
    4. Ravens
    5. Titans

    Of these teams we only play 2 of them in the regular season (Titans, RavensX2)

    I like our chances to reach another conference championship!

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    NFL channel / dot com suck!

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