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Thread: Former Browns Coach, Butch Davis, rumored to coach North Carolina Football

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    House of Steel

    Former Browns Coach, Butch Davis, rumored to coach North Carolina Football

    Sources: Butch Davis to UNC!
    Posted Nov 8th 2006 1:40PM by James Conklin
    Filed under: UNC Football, ACC, NCAA FB Rumors

    Several sources close to the UNC coaching search have reported that Butch Davis has signed a contract to become the next head coach at the University of North Carolina.

    According to the sources, the only detail remaining to be worked out is when UNC will make an official announcement.

    The timing of the announcement is a sticky issue since current coach John Bunting remains at the helm of the UNC program through the end of the season.

    More details to come as they are released.

    I had to laugh at this one. Who the hell want a former **** Stainer Coach to run a program in college? Yes, He was a fine coach at UMiami. He got another thing coming if he thinks he is going to make a second attempt in the NFL. HE PLAIN SUCKS!!!

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    Wasn't Miami placed on probation by the NCAA. When Davis was coach?

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    House of Steel
    Oh that is right. I think this thread needs to merge with Lyn's.

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    Why do you guys knock a guy because he was a coach in Cleveland? Where a man has coached has really little to do with their ability in that there are several coaches, several opinions from within an organization and bottom line a guy can't always do what he wants because he is "outvoted"

    Look at Nick Saban and he is only one example, he was a defensive coach for the browns, he came to East lansing and he would have made it but he didn't (prolly politics). He left here and went onto LSU and they won a championship. So, you guys need to do more thinking before posting stupidity.
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