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Thread: Zetterberg calls Crosby's actions disrespectful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troyisabeast_43 View Post
    Loser wait, losers walk, losers defer to winners...on ANY field of battle...if Detroit wanted special treatment, they should have beaten the Pens...THEY made the Pens wait last year...their 4th cup in 10 years...(why even celebrate, they should be used to winning it)...but think that they(the losers) should have their asses kissed by the Pens(winners of their first cup in 18 years)...Detroit is the most classless team ever...really disappointing that they are purposely casting aspersions on the Pens' victory.
    Good call!!
    Someone in Detroit needs their PAMPER CHANGED

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    boo freakin hoo
    this is nothing like that moron from Cleavland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaSteelGirl View Post
    Shall I mail him a tissue for his quiver lips???

    If the skate was on the other foot he would have done the same thing..i'm sorry but the sheer excitement from winning a Stanley cup finally after a disappointment means disrespect???
    The Pens whipped their sour candy asses and the dead wings don't like it. It left a sour taste in their mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryNJ View Post
    Anything about Hossa is funny!

    I know I'm like 2 yrs late, but that is hilarious. Got one with the hawks though bastard.
    Have Terrible Towel, Will Travel.

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