DETROIT (AP) — Henrik Zetterberg says it was disrespectful for Penguins captain Sidney Crosby not to shake hands with all of Detroit's players after Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup.

``I think that's one thing you should do,'' the Red Wings' Zetterberg said as the players cleaned out their lockers at Joe Louis Arena on Monday. ``I don't know why he didn't do it, it's disrespectful.''

The biggest snub after Friday night's game was to Detroit captain Nicklas Lidstrom, who waited while Crosby celebrated winning the Cup with his teammates. But he finally left the ice with a few other Detroit players.

``Sidney was probably caught up in the emotions and everything,'' Lidstrom said, adding that Crosby would learn from the situation.

BOO fu*kin HOO !!
Maybe since they realized he was caught up in the moment of winning the cup , they should have waited a little longer to start the handshake line instead of being in such a hurry to get to the locker room. This kind of BS I never expected from the wings..their fans booing Malkin cause he got the MVP was bad and tasteless, but now the players whining bout handshakes. If that's how they do it in Hockeytown,then I'm glad I'm from Stixburgh !! It was a great series as we watched the "Boys of Winter" transform into the Men of Stixburgh!!