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Thread: Sweed Struggling Early

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensK View Post
    He can catch a ball. Go watch vids with him on youtube. The guy has, or had, great hands but for some reason he is dropping the balls right now. I still think its way to early to mark him as a failure..
    Luckily he has the unselfish attitude and with further guidance from Hines & Santonio, he can only IMPROVE from what he gave us in his rookie campaign. Glass HALF FULL not half empty.  10

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    With Ward and Holmes' guidance and the raw talent that Sweed has, if Limas fails, it will be EPIC...he wouldn't succeed any where if he can't succeed in Pittsburgh...

    As for the drops...concentration young man, concentration. Watch the ball into your hands and through the tuck.

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    sweed is another keyshawn johnson......a great big bust!!!

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    you think keyshawn johnson is a bust?

    and you think a late second round pick is comparable to first overall?

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    Sweed will click come TC....He needs more time with Ben!

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