Not good for Sweed ... I said the moment they signed McDonald from Free Agency that because he is a crafty veteran who runs decent routes, he probably has the best chance of being our #3 WR next year.

Although it’s football in shorts, our favorite insider Jim Wexell said in his latest update on Steelers OTA’s that Sweed won’t be the team’s no. 3 WR this year. He said the favorite right now has to be Shaun MCDonald, not that he has shown much either. The reason? No one else appears capable of running those inside routes that veteran slot receivers can run. Sweed also had a rough day on Wednesday catching the football, with 2 big drops.

- And the person who Wex feels has the only real chance of beating out McDonald for the open slot receiver spot? Street free agent WR Brandon Williams.

- A big day for punt returners. Wex said that Stefan Logan, who teammates have nicknamed “Half-pint”, will have a fan following by training camp because of his quickness. Apparently, Tomlin is taking a liking to the guy as well. After Logan went deep to snag a ball over his shoulder, Tomlin asked him if he had ever played baseball before, and told him to catch the next deep one like a center fielder. A few kicks later, Logan took his eyes off the ball, ran to a spot, just like he was Willie Mays, turned, picked up the ball and caught it easily. Tomlin’s response? “There you go!”

- While Logan impressed, Wex said he believes 5th-rounder Joe Burnett is the leader for the PR gig, showing poise and polish beyond his years. He believes Burnett is a natural punt-catcher and knows exactly what he wants to do with the ball and where he wants to go. He asked an assistant coach if Burnett has a good chance to be the no. 1 PR. The AC said Burnett has a “GREAT” chance to be the man. We all know who is the no. 1 KR, he of the 4.28 speed in the 40 and stylist Mohawk, Mr. Mike “Just Watch Me Take It 2 The House” Wallace.

- Wex noted that 3rd-round rookie CB Keenan Lewis flashed pro recovery speed to break up a deep pass intended for Brandon Williams on one play. Did I mention before that Wex, D. Lolley and a few scouts attending the Steelers practices really like this Williams kid?

- Catch of the day went to Heath Miller, who turned CB/S Roy Lewis around on one play to get behind him and haul in a deep pass. On the next play, Big Ben scrambled, motioned for TE Matt Spaeth to break deep, but he couldn’t lose Lewis, who broke up the pass.

That’s it for now.