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Thread: Week 2 OTAs begin-Dale Lolley

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    Week 2 OTAs begin-Dale Lolley

    Week 2 OTAs begin

    As promised, I watched Rashard Mendenhall a little more closely today as the Steelers began their second week of OTAs.

    Mendenhall looked good on the inside running plays and made an excellent cut on one play in particular, doing a nice jump stop and change of direction.

    He looks like he's running with more confidence.

    © I hadn't noticed it before, but former Canadian Football League star Stefan Logan was working as a wide receiver.

    The 5-6 Logan, dubbed "Half-Pint" by his teammates, was an explosive running back in the CFL, but probably wouldn't have the size to contribute at that position in the NFL.

    He'll be fighting a numbers game no matter where he lines up, but playing wide receiver would give him a better chance of making this team.

    © The Steelers did some work out of a 4-3 defense at times today.

    That should get the internet posters going.

    © I almost forgot this one, but it was interesting.

    Former center Jeff Hartings was in the building today and I barely recognized him. Hartings looks like he's down to about 220 pounds.

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    I've got my hopes up bigtime for Rashard to have the season that we all thought he would've had last year
    Also looking for Sweed to make a huge impact

    Dam is it football time or what,,,,,,,cannot wait

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    hope they are both can hang on to the dang ball this year

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    Sweed an Mendenhall will be fine this year! Jeff Hartings was brought in to help our centers get an clue hopefully I can't wait for the seaon to begin either BBN

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