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Thread: Authentic Pork Stroganoff

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    Authentic Pork Stroganoff

    So your feeling a bit eastern european tonight and want something from the eastern bloc...

    a knob of butter
    1 onion sliced
    100g of button mushrooms
    1 red pepper
    350 g of pork fillet cut into strips
    cayenne pepper ( how hot can you go? ) If you haven't got this Hot chilli powder
    3 table spoons of BRANDY or RUM!!!
    1 teaspoon of Dijon french mustard
    100 ml's of creme fresh or cream

    Season the pork with loads of paprika a little cayenne pepper and salt

    Melt the butter - fry the onion and pepper
    add the strips of pork and mushrooms and more pepper if you dare, and cook for 7 mins or so
    Pour in the brandy, stir in the djion, add the cream and on high heat cook for 2 mins more with more spices,

    Serve on a bed of stick fries ( chips here in the UK ) or wild rice...

    crack open some vodka, and dah dah...

    ( the wife does a little dance when i tell her we're having this cos she likes it soo much )

    You can serve on a bed of sliced spiced potatoes

    Just peel some potatoes, slice them into 1 cm thick slices. Lay them out in a pan ( yes raw like this ) sprinkle with loads of paprika, put in the oven on a high temp 220 degrees, pour over a little oil to start and bung in the oven for about 20- 25 mins
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