it might be a little too early for these talks but im bored of studying for my material science final. i was wondering what you all thought the starting OL will look like next year? here are some of the options we have open to us at this point:

1. Starks,Kemo,Hartwig,Stapelton,Colon (same as last year, probably best chance that this is it, the whole "time to gel" thing)

2. Starks,Kemo,hartwig,Urbik,Colon (stapleton is replaced, Urbik steps up)

3. Starks,Kemo,hartwig,Urbik,Hills (revamp the right side)

4. Starks,Colon,Stapelton,Urbik,Hills (a major revamping of the oline i think this could make sense but it is way too radical with the way the steelers operate

5. Hills,Kemo,Stapelton,Urbik,Cappizi/Fauster/Essex (hills has been Juiceing up all off-season and we are thinking towards the future)(Ben dies)

so what do you all think its going to be? Also, if Urbik beats out Stapelton for the RG spot do you think he could take over the center duties, it is his natural position?