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Thread: Ike restructures

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    Ike restructures

    Restructuring helps Steelers' cap room
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    By Len Pasquarelli

    The Pittsburgh Steelers have gained some much-needed salary-cap space entering the draft this weekend by completing a simple restructuring of cornerback Ike Taylor's contract.

    The Steelers' best cornerback, Taylor reduced his scheduled base salary of $3.5 million for 2009 to a level at or near the league minimum for his tenure, which is $620,000. The balance was converted into a guaranteed signing bonus.

    The move, first reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and confirmed Thursday by agent Joel Segal, is similar to the restructuring the team did with Taylor's contract last year, when he was scheduled to earn $4.1 million in base salary. In both seasons, the Steelers sorely required cap space.

    Earlier this week, team officials confirmed that Gary Russell, a veteran third-down and short-yardage tailback, was released to create cap room that allowed Pittsburgh to sign backup quarterback Charlie Batch. It is believed the Steelers are among the teams with the least available cap space -- less than $2 million.

    The Steelers are likely to approach other veteran players in the coming weeks about consummating contract restructurings similar to Taylor's.

    A six-year veteran, Taylor signed a five-year, $23.75 million extension in 2006. That deal has two more seasons to run; the base salaries in those seasons were unaffected by the restructuring.

    Taylor was a fourth-round pick in the '03 draft. He became a full-time starter in '05, and, despite his questionable hands, is regarded as the best cover cornerback on the NFL's premier defensive unit. In 93 games, including 60 starts, Taylor has 353 tackles, one sack, eight interceptions and 75 passes defensed. He typically drops a lot of potential interceptions and has never posted more than three picks in a season.

    Len Pasquarelli is a senior NFL writer for

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    Way to go IKE

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    Can anyone say "TEAM PLAYER"
    DJ Crimefighter @

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    how the f do we only have 2 mill cap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Mca View Post
    Can anyone say "TEAM PLAYER"
    thats what I was thinkin ,more players should follow his lead

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    Once again another Steeler team member stepping up to the plate..what a family!

    Thanks Steelers086 for my awesome signature!!!

    Thanks for the new avatar SteelerBee!

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    I don't know much about the business end of the game.The Steelers being among the teams with the least available cap space. Does this bother anyone or is it a common Occurrence?

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    Classy move by Ike.

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    Nice play Ike!! To bad fat *** Max won't do the same thing.....

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    This is always nice to see, when professional athletes’ sacrifice money for the good of the team, great move Ike!

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