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At this point I don't know the inmates are running it any more than I think BC is running it either. It seems like the total team is in chaos. They don't know what to do with themselves anymore. Half of them are depressed, the other half is pissed off, some of them don't show any emotion at all.

Yes he's lost control of the team from a disciplinary standpoint, that much is evident..Im just saying if the players actually got their act together on the field things would be different. BC can't make them hold onto the ball or not throw an interception no matter how much he drills it into their heads. It's up to them to go out and do their jobs. If you call that the inmates running the asylum then I would agree with you...but I call it nobody running it.
Top Gunn I totally agree that the players have to be accountable out there. You're right the coaches can show Santonio Holmes 100 times on to hold onto the football and after that its up to Holmes. Just saying when its the same old dance week after week it does reflect the coaching. True I really don't know whats going on with Bill Cowher. But I have never seen this from a Bill Cowher coached team. True the Steelers have had games were they just as bad as this year. But not every week.

So thats the only reason I can explain why this team is so bad every week. Trust me I hate thinking and typing this. I only remember the last years of Chuck Noll. I'm only 27. So Bill Cowher is really the only coach I know for the Pittsburgh Steelers.