1. Detroit Lions

Certainly Detroit would like to move out of this spot. The fact of the matter is, no team wants this draft spot.

2. St. Louis Rams

I expect the Rams have 2-3 players here they really like (Curry, Monroe, and Smith). I don't see them moving.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Rumor has it that the Chiefs would like to deal this pick. Word is they like Connor Barwin a lot, but this is way to high to draft him. They delt their 2nd round pick to the Patriots for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel. The Eagles invited Eugene Monroe for a visit. Keep an eye on the possibility the Eagles send the #21 and #28 pick to KC for this pick.

4. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks in my opinion are laying the ground work for a possible trade here. They are rumored to really like USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. Is this reality, or a smokescreen to gain a trading partner? San Francisco or Denver could be potential trading partners. SF is the least likely for several reasons, the main reason is teams usually don't help divisional opponents.

5. Cleveland Browns

This is to me the most likely trade in the top 5. The Browns want to add picks, and if Mark Sanchez is still on the board I fully expect Denver to send the #12 and #18 picks to Cleveland and draft Sanchez.

6. Cincinnati Bengals

I'm sure the Bengals will be more than happy to entertain offers for this pick. This also could be a pick sought out by Denver. However, it would be more likely Denver pursues the #5 pick immediatly once Cleveland is on the clock if Sanchez is still on the board. Other possibilities would include; Jacksonville to leapfrog Oakland for either Crabtree or Maclin, San Francisco to move up and get B.J. Raji or possibly Crabtree if still available.

7. Oakland Raiders

I expect the Raiders to stay put here and draft someone with a good 40 time or Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe depending on availability.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars

As mentioned, the Jags may attempt to move up. If they don't move up, I could see San Francisco showing some interest in leap frogging Green Bay if B.J. Raji is still available and Sanchez and Crabtree are both off the board.

9. Green Bay Packers

Every team will entertain offers, but I don't anticipate any movement here.

10. San Francisco 49ers

I don't see the 49ers moving down here, but as mentioned I could see them trying to move up.

11. Buffalo Bills

I really think the Bills will one way or another draft Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew. I'm sure they wouldn't mind moving down a few spots to do so. One scenario I can see would be Houston moving up to get Ohio State FS/CB Malcolm Jenkins. The Saints pick just before the Texans and likely will be giving Jenkins a long, hard look.

12. Denver Broncos

See pick #5

13. Washington Redskins

The Redskins apparently don't like to be bothered with the draft. They are short some picks and it would be in their best interest to move down a bit and gain a pick. I also see the Redskins as possible trading partners with Houston. Also, don't rule out someone moving to this spot to get Kansas State QB Josh Freeman.

14. New Orleans Saints

The Saints don't have many picks in this years draft. I'm sure they will be trying to move down and pick up some more picks. Any team who likes Josh Freeman (if still available) is in play here. I also wouldn't be shocked to see the Lions move up here and pursue a target.

15. Houston Texans

As mentioned, I could see the Texans trying to move up. If this doesn't work out, they may look to move down. This should be a real wildcard pick.

16. San Diego Chargers

The Charges lack of a 2nd round pick and apparent like for Tyson Jackson should mean this pick is on the block. The Chargers could move down a few spots and still have a good shot at Jackson and add a pick or two along the way.

17. New York Jets

Whatever the Jets do here, I'm sure their fans will boo...

18. Denver Broncos (from CHI)

See pick #5.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I really feel the Buccaneers may attempt to move up and get Josh Freeman. Keep your eye on this pick.

20. Detroit Lions (from DAL)

I could see the Lions moving up or even moving down. Here's where I can see the Steelers coming into play. If Michael Oher is still on the board the Steelers will likely make a push for this pick.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

See the #3 pick. If the Eagles don't move up to the #3 pick, and the Lions stay put at #20 I could see the Steelers and Eagles discussing this pick.

22. Minnesota Vikings

As mentioned, all teams will entertain trade talks. If anything, I see the Vikings moving down. However, I expect them to stay put here.

23. New England Patriots

Who knows what to expect from the Patriots. I won't even attempt to offer any scenarios here. Just know, this is a pick to watch.

24. Atlanta Falcons

I really see the Falcons trying to move down, but still retain a first round selection. Once again, the Steelers could be in play here.

25. Miami Dolphins

Bill Parcells is a master of manipulating the draft. Keep an eye on the Phins.

26. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have been active early in the draft recently. This year I don't see much of a case for them to move up or down. Expect them to stay put, but who knows.

27. Indianapolis Colts

I think when the Colts are on the clock there will be several prospects still available that they really like. I think they may have their hands full making up their mind to entertain much trade talk.

28. Philadelphia Eagles

See pick #3. The Eagles have 12 picks in this years draft. If they move any direction, expect it to be up.

29. New York Giants

I see no major scenarios with this pick.

30. Tennessee Titans

I see no major scenarios with this pick.

31. Arizona Cardinals

I see no major scenarios with this pick.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers

If the OT's start falling a bit, I fully expect the Steelers to move up and get one.