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    I'm possibly decide

    What's up brothers and sisters?

    Here's my situation.

    I grew up in the Ohio Valley VERY close to the border of PA, and of course the city we all LOVE...da Burgh. I've been in and out of Pittsburgh my whole life, but to my everlasting shame, I did not worry about my Steelers heritage until late in life.

    Hell, I wasn't even a football fan until I was 20 (23 now).

    I am a fan by way of my parents, and pretty much by birthright, but the idiot that I am, I waited until they won SB XL to catch on to the legacy (my dad hounded me for years on this)

    When I turned 18, I joined the Marine Corps, and lived in NC for a while (now in VA).

    I was a casual fan at the time, knowing little about my now BELOVED Steelers.

    When they were 7-5 in a near downward spiral in 05', we were watching a game in my barracks room, and a friend of mine stated that the Steelers are garbage, and Ben is overrated. Even though I didn't know much about them, I defended them that day, and had a newfound group of heroes in the Steelers.

    Since Oct. 2005, I have filled my head with everything Steelers and have never left them, even in their off year afterward in 06'.

    Every single time I look back on their history, I always think about the legacy that I have shirked off until now, and wonder how it ever escaped me, and as I've said, will always feel ashamed that I have done so. Hopefully, this is acceptable to the rest of Steeler Nation. I will NEVER leave you, and you have my word.

    Love my Stillerz...Yinz know what I mean?
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