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Thread: William Gay Is Packing On the Pounds

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    Post William Gay Is Packing On the Pounds

    William Gay Is Packing On the Pounds

    Posted Jul 31, 2009 11:06PM By JJ Cooper (RSS feed)
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    When William Gay was drafted, the worries were that he was too light and too short to ever be more than a nickel back.

    He may still be short, but no one can accuse Gay of being too light to start any more. The third-year corner who is penciled in to replace Bryant McFadden at cornerback told the Washington Observer-Reporter that he is 15 pounds heavier than he was last year, up from 183 to 198. At 5-foot-10, 198 pounds, Gay now weighs three pounds more than 6-foot-2 corner Ike Taylor is officially listed at.
    "I don't want to put on the wrong kind of weight," Gay said. "And if it slowed me down at all, I'd drop back down. There are too many fast receivers in this league. But it doesn't seem to be slowing me down."
    The Steelers have big hopes for Gay, who was called the Steelers' most fundamentally sound cornerback by the coaching staff. He ranked as the top cornerback in the league in adjusted yards allowed by Football Outsiders last year, as he played well enough to take playing time away from McFadden in the base defense in addition to playing as a fill-in starter and in the dime package. This year he'll have to prove that he can provide the same success when getting a lot more attention.

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    If the extra weight doesn't slow him down...great!! The extra muscle will help keep these monster WR's in check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIESELMAN View Post
    If the extra weight doesn't slow him down...great!! The extra muscle will help keep these monster WR's in check.

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    This is good news, he's taking this opportunity seriously and ready to grab that starting job and never look back.

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    I'm glad to see a late round pick excelling and proving that late round does not mean talent less!!!
    He looked good as a rookie in preseason games in 2007...
    his stop watch speed wasn't stellar, but he proved stop watch speed is not the same as game speed!!! (see Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Jerry Rice, etc...)
    This is why scouting into the later rounds still pays off... You never know when you find a diamond in the rough.... ( see Willie Parker)
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    Well it seems like he's using the extra pounds just fine.....

    "What was somewhat telling was the way practice ended. Rookie running back Frank Summers turned the corner with the football in his hands and was rocked by cornerback William Gay.

    “When you carry a nickname like ‘Tank,’ guys are going to try you,” said Tomlin. “They want him to prove that nickname is earned. That’s the nature of the National Football League. This is a show-me game, and he’s starting to understand that.”

    "He's running around there, running his mouth, doing all that, but if you watch him on film and really look, where was Ray Lewis? He was nowhere to be found. I could have tackled the water boy and had as many tackles as him. He didn't do nothing today. He's all mouth. When you talk like that, that's what happens: You get hit in the mouth. He's over there crying now, thinking about what went wrong. You got your *** whipped, that's what." ~ Peazy

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