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Thread: Owens misses walk-through for MRI on hamstring

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    Owens misses walk-through for MRI on hamstring

    After all this hype about the Cowboys it would be a shame (not!) if TO couldn't play this year.

    OXNARD, Calif. -- Terrell Owens missed a walk-through Saturday morning to have an MRI on his sore left hamstring.
    Test results were not immediately available. Owens was to be held out of an afternoon scrimmage, the Dallas Cowboys' first of training camp. It marked the third straight day he hasn't caught passes from quarterback Drew Bledsoe.
    Owens' injury has only been described as soreness. The MRI would reveal a tear or other damage.
    "I guess they're just trying to find out if that's what it is," coach Bill Parcells said, maintaining his stance that he's not too concerned that his new star receiver might have a serious injury.
    Parcells remains more concerned about the work Owens has missed.
    "It's a little disappointing from the fact that we're hoping that he's a big part of our offense and he really hasn't been able to be out there that much," Parcells said. "Hopefully we'll get him back soon and go forward with it."
    With players getting Sunday off, Owens' next chance to practice will be Monday, when the Cowboys have two sessions scheduled.
    The Dallas offense hasn't looked good the first week of training camp, mostly because of problems with the offensive line. Bledsoe also has said he needs to throw to Owens more to get their timing down, adding that he hopes to put in extra work with Owens after practices next week.

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    He'll go spend a couple weeks in his chamber, get all kinds of treatment and be good to go..for as much of an idiot as he is the guy stays in fantastic shape. I wouldnt be surprised if he sits out a couple preason games to make sure it doesnt get worse.

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    You got that right, the guy stays in great shape. How does someone be such an idiot but smart at the same time?

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