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Thread: Cowher is making a fool out of himself at these News Conferences...

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    Cowher is making a fool out of himself at these News Conferences...

    Now I understand Bill Cowher was pretty much upset and down right disgusted yesterday at his Press Conference 2 days removed from one of the worst losses for the Steelers in recent memory. But the way Cowher handles himself and continually stares down reporters after he answers NO to one question and then seems to get pissed off about certain questions is just ridiculous. Bill Cowher needs to understand these are what these News Conferences are for is for the media to ask questions. Yet he continually answers questions by showing that he gets annoyed real easily or doesnt like the questions he gets asked which pretty much all are legitimate questions things like Batch,Duce and the Kendall Simmons and Kemouatu situation yesterday are some examples which he just answered real ignorant and ****** for really no reason at all.

    Hey Bill its not the media's fault your 2-5 so there is no need for him to go in there every single week they lose and stare down reporters and get all irritated and pissed off because he doesnt like the questions he gets asked to him. My point is if Cowher is going to act like this after every News Conference following a loss then here is a tip for Cowher dont have a News Conference after a loss only do it after a win. I just thought Cowher's demeanor and attitude yesterday at his press conference yesterday toward the media was just down right disgusting. If I was a reporter asking questions one question or statement Id make to him would be Hey Bill werent you the one who continued to leave Ricardo Colclough out there time and time again after he would muff a punt or fumble one until you finally did it long enough that it costs you the biggest game of the year against the Bengals. If the Steelers do by some chance miss the playoffs this year which is looking very possible more and more here Im looking back at the play right there by Colclough and Cowher' stubborn ego to keep in there too long, not the losses to Atlanta in OT or to Oakland as the reason why we missed the playoffs.

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    Things haven't been right since the Bengal game... They played one decent game for a full 60 minutes and that was it. Having the lead and blowing it against the Bengals took a lot out of the team because now when they get a lead they are probably more afraid of losing the lead than anything else which will cause them to hold back and try not to make any mistakes which is exactly what we are seeing. The Steelers get the lead, then everything just falls apart and they start turning the ball over because they are thinking entirely too much rather than just playing the game and having fun!

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    I cant say I blame cowher for having a short fuse. He's coming off his first World Championship title and now he's following it up with a pathetic showing this season. He knows the blame starts with him first, but he also knows he can't go out and play for the players either and stop them from fumbling, throwing picks, missing blocks, etc.

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