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Thread: Steelers, Colts & Patriots possibly interested in Fred Taylor

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    Steelers, Colts & Patriots possibly interested in Fred Taylor

    Now, the first question for Fred Taylor is: Why should anyone in the NFL take a chance on you? Taylor's 33 years old, which is the age running backs often are in their third year of retirement. Or fourth.

    Well, there are three reasons why Taylor is a very good gamble -- and not even a significant gamble, because he's not going to cost much money -- for a contender who needs a back to carry the ball 200 times this fall:

    1. Taylor hasn't gotten too beaten up over the second half of his career, so he should be able to be the kind of role-playing back a contender could use. Since turning 28 five years ago, he's been a part-time running back and he's averaged 210 carries a year over that span.

    2. He also averaged 4.7 yards-per-carry over that five-year stretch. Now, last year that number plummeted to 3.9 a pop, and teams will look at that drop off and say, "He's falling off a cliff.'' Maybe he is. It's a legitimate concern, and it'll take some pouring over tape to see if the holes simply weren't there for the Jags in 2008 (Maurice Jones-Drew's per-carry average also dropped, in his case half-a-yard from 2007-08) or if Taylor's really done.

    3. Hunger. Taylor wants it bad.

    "This change inspires me so much,'' he said from his Miami home late Monday. "I'm ready for it. It's like my first shot at free-agency. I expect to go somewhere and run till my wheels fall off.''
    GALLERY: All-time rushing leaders for one team

    Taylor's first words when I got him on the phone were, "Yeah, I got whacked." But he expected it. When the Jags called last Friday to say they wanted to meet with him in Miami on Monday, and that owner Wayne Weaver would be coming along, it was a pretty good hint they weren't coming down to discuss a salary cut.

    "It was very professional and respectful by Mr. Weaver," said Taylor. "They handled it first-class, and I'm very appreciative of that. I am not disappointed in the Jags by any means. They could have just called me, or they could have called Drew [agent Drew Rosenhaus], but they took the extra step to come down here and tell me to my face. Men show up. Men tell you things to your face. And I will never forget that. I will call Mr. Weaver in a few years, and I will retire as a Jaguar. My loyalty for 11 years has been to the Jaguars, just like Emmitt Smith's loyalty was to the Cowboys. Whatever team I sign with, I will retire as a Jaguar.''

    It's the time of year for the chopping block. Baltimore dumped Chris McAlister Monday. Denver cut Dewayne Robertson, one of the most disappointing high first-round picks in recent history. The Bucs will do the same in the next day or two with Jeff Garcia. So there's nothing surprising about Jacksonville cutting a 33-year-old running back as Jones-Drew prepares for the final season before his contract expires.

    "Realistically, you anticipate it will come to this," Taylor said. "When you get past the 10-year mark, you can never be comfortable. They asked me if I was interested in retiring. I said no. Definitely no. I want to play in a Super Bowl so bad, and the Super Bowl's down here in Miami next year. I want to be in that game. Two years ago, Plaxico [Burress], my child's godfather, won the Super Bowl. This year, my little cousin from Belle Glade [Fla.], Santonio Holmes, was the MVP in the biggest game in the world. My taste for that game is getting stronger and stronger. And honestly, I feel fresh. I get inspired by young guys and showing them what I can do. There are a lot of young guys I'm still quicker than. God gave me a lot when he was handing out ability. I still have a lot."

    I'll be surprised if Indianapolis, New England and Pittsburgh do not at least sniff around Taylor. The Colts have seen Taylor shred them several times over the past few years. Bill Belichick won Super Bowls with Antowain Smith and Corey Dillon, two backs in the twilight of their careers with something to prove, and he knows he can't trust Laurence Maroney to stay healthy. (I know he's got Sammy Morris, and I love Sammy Morris, but Taylor and Morris would be a pretty good 1-2 punch come December.) The Steelers have a very good insurance policy in Mewelde Moore behind Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall, but Mike Tomlin loves the running game, and he loves productive veterans.

    New Orleans, Arizona, Chicago and Green Bay should sniff too.

    We'll see. I say Taylor has a good contributing year left.

    I'm a Freddy fan, but I dont think the Steelers would pay him nearly as much as the Colts would seeing as how we're stacked with RB's. If he's saying he wants to make a Superbowl run next season then Dangle a 1 or 2 year deal at him, if he takes the ****ing cheese, put him in.
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    The Steelers are already set at the position. Parker, Mendenhall, Moore, and Russell. What more could anyone ask for. Also there is that other running back (whos name I can't remember). I'd rather stock up on the L.B.'s for the special teams.

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    we just don't need him.
    RIDICULOUSLY good looking...

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    i don't see us even "sniffing" on that.

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    I don't think we need anymore HB's at this point, and you have to wonder how much Taylor has left in the tank.

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    If the Steelers do take a look at him, Willie becomes expendable almost immediately. The only reason to sign Taylor, is to use Parker as trade bait in the draft, IMO. Which I would hate, but I would get over it.

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    he will almost certainly be a patriot

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    he will almost certainly be a patriot
    is it just me or do the Pats have a 1,000 man roster?

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    I personally wouldn't mind seeing him in the black n gold... he always seems to rip the Steelers D apart, so what a better way to neutralize him than put him on the team!

    I honestly don't see this happening though... he's no Bettis and can't through his weight around like the Bus did. Besides that... he's old!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEEMONT View Post
    is it just me or do the Pats have a 1,000 man roster?
    The Patriots Pratice Squard could probably easily beat Lions >.>
    However much you think you know about football, rest assured that Skip Bayless knows more!

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