I been thinking about this the last few days ever since the Steelers won the Super Bowl that they will now get to host the Thursday night opener most likely on September 3rd to start the 2009 season at Heinz Field. The 8 canidates to come in here and play that game are the Cincy,Cleveland,Baltimore,Oakland,San Diego,Minnesota,Green Bay,and Tennessee. Personally, I could think of no other team that I would want coming in here for that first game then the Tennessee Titans. I still feel the Steelers have a lot of unfinished business with the Titans from that game back in December where they beat the Steelers 31-14, and of course the stomping and mocking of the Terrible Towel by guys like Lendale White,Keith Bulluck,and Jevon Kearse. Plus, you still hear Titans fans especially on their message boards saying that they were the better team in the AFC this season, and should have been in the Super Bowl and won the Super Bowl since they had the best the record and were the last team to beat the Steelers this season. They still think this especially since the Steelers and Titans didnt end up meeting in the AFC Championship game due to the fact that the Titans choked against the Ravens the same team the Steelers beat a week later.

Im begging the NFL to make the Titans that first team that has the tough task of coming in here to start the season and try to knock off the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. I think other then the Baltimore Ravens the Titans would have to be the ideal choice looking at all those teams the Steelers play at home next year to have come in here for that game. The Steelers and their fans can really show the Titans especially fat-*** Lendale White that first night the Steelers begin their quest for back to back Super Bowl Championships what the terrible towel and the Steelers Nation is all about. Like I said I still feel the Steelers and the Steelers fans have unfinished business with the Titans after how they disrespected us that game in Tennessee in December. Schedueling them here for the opener that night would be the perfect opportunity for redemption and a lot of payback.