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Thread: Need Steeler Wall 2 go with theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by graffitimaster View Post
    first u need a program called windowblinds to install the theme u can get the program
    here stardocks windowblinds it cost twenty bucks but u can download and use for 30 days and if u don,t like u can delete give it a shot this program does not slow your computer and i been useing it for 7 years
    and u can use many more themes over 5,000 Superior themes

    --- Added 6/7/2009 at 07:50 AM ---

    I would love that and its perfect I, fixed everything and included one of the best wallpapers from S.A.
    Can you still use the theme even after 30 day?
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    my theme is yours to keep as for the windowblinds program I don,t know ,but its not that expensive and u can use a ton of other themes that are made to perfection for that program ....Did u make that sig its awesome hope this answers your question

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    Not bad i like it hope u like the theme will be updateing soon

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