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Thread: OFFSEASON... I need it!

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    OFFSEASON... I need it!

    After this season and all the close games I can honestly say I am glad to have a break from football. Take this time to bask in the glow of another championship, and know that we are on solid ground for years to come.

    Ohh and props to the people in the city of Pittsburgh for not fu#*ing up the city during the post game celebrations. I was watching the news and they showed a fire which was clearly still controlled in the middle of the street and the reporter started throwing the city under the bus. Cheers for keeping it under control for the most part!
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    I can't say that I'm happy, but i definately can say I need it. I nearly died in the fourth quarter, and did wind up tearing several muscles during the course of that beautiful, terrifying 15 minutes. I couldn't figure out if i wanted to cry, or die.
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    OMG! I was at the game and I almost passed out, my husband had to hold me up! I actually have chest pain today...I'll say this, I was so emotionally & physically exhausted after this game....usually i'm upset that football is over but after this season I welcome a break!!!!

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    BRING ON THE DRAFT! I FOR ONE CAN'T WAIT! I gues I'm a junkie with no possible hope! Off to watch all seven superbowls!

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    you aren't kidding. that was a very draining season with an unbelievably awesome ending!

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    Im ready to unwind for a bit myself Im not afraid to say. This season has been so stressful and crazy that I think I probably had atleast 50 heart attacks..LOL. The draft will be here soon enough and I'll be ready for that to see who we bring in but Im glad to have the mental rest right now.

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    This is going to be the best off season ever.. I'm actually glad that I live in Arizona now!

    The break is very much due though my nerves can't take it anymore and I need to recoup!

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    LOL....I need a week or two to recover before March Madness!
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    Yes, I too welcome the break. Only because we won though. Had we lost that game I would be crawling out of my skin like most off-seasons. I am looking forward to the draft. As far as I know most of these players we have will be back. So its up to use to add depth. We should be defending our title this up coming season. I just hope it not against Warner. The dude is a savage QB.

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    Here we go for the draft baby!!!!

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