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Thread: Sweed Is Going To Be Fine

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    If Stapleton doens't false start five times, that will be bigger than anything Sweed will do, lol.

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    Willie Colon also needs to stop with the penalties--he's lost us quite a few yards this season (not to mention momentum)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEEMONT View Post
    Dude, I don't care if he had gotten a million reps by now, or 12 like he did, there is no way he should have dropped that HUGE pass in the AFCCG. He's supposedly got this pedigree that you all drool over, and he drops the biggest catch of his life. he has been getting reps in practice all year, do you really think two more weeks is going to make a difference? If he catches more than 2 passes in the SB I will be thoroughly surprised, and will be the first to admit I'm wrong.

    I think Hines is gonna be about 80%, I'll take an 80% Hines over a 100% Sweed any day of the week.
    Pedigree?.......2nd round picks have pedigree?.....I think most and maybe all would agree yes Limas Sweed should have caught the ball......But he is showing he still has confidence and is going to work hard......He also showed in the AFC title game after the drop that he make a key block, break up an INT, and make a catch on third down for a first down.....I think Sweed showing that at least he can rebound and make plays is better then him going in the tank and sulking......

    I agree I would take an 80 percent Hines to and we all know Hines can produce when he isn't 100 percent.....But I'm not ready to give up on Limas Sweed.........

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    I think dropping that sure TD and realizing it could have cost us the game potentially speaking of course, could have been the best thing for Sweed. It was a wake up call for him, a realization that he's a rookie with the opportunity to play for a super bowl title. Your team is depending on you to make plays and when you don't you let everyone down. He could have curled up in his shell but he came back fighting. I look for him to have a solid game next Sunday for us.

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