What else can we think of , with the big game up ahead?
We could be home, but we're in the Super Bowl instead.
We've been through the worst of it ,and made it this far.
It ain't over yet , we've yet to crown our star.
We don't look ahead yet, what the other team has done.
We are still playin our game, and , just havin our fun.
Though we like to win and we like our big plays

We shall not look back where "your" big play lays.
It was buried where you started it you can not deny
Thinking you knew us was the reason why.
Bring your big game , lets see what you got
We will see if you can live up to the game you have brought.
Don't feel bad if it ain't enough.
we ain't sorry we had to play so rough.
Remember you were here but now you are not.
Thats why we gave it everything that we've got!
When this game is over we will go back home.
Sorry you can't be with us , we are all alone.
We will be a winner and you will not,
You will feel the pain the Steelers have brought.