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Thread: Another "Steeler Nation Video"

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    Another "Steeler Nation Video"

    From another board:

    ESPN made a documentary called Steeler Nation, Jim Wexell wrote a book, and I decided to do a follow up on this. Please only comment on quality, comments about Steelers fans being annoying or whatever aren't needed. This isn't an attempt to say Steelers fans are better, just an attempt to say Steelers fans are different. Also, this was a school project I did by myself, so it wasn't the case of someone with too much time on their hands, nor a group of incompetents. Thanks! And I hope that you enjoy it!

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    That is an awesome video! Definitely worth the watch

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    great video now I have to get back to me business taxes.......(grr)

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    awesome video.
    i think for the pregame i'll be showing this video

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