The Arizona Cardinals remind me of the San Diego Chargers, only better. Arizona and San Diego both have among the best passing games in the league, and opportunistic secondaries as well. Kurt Warner has a lot of fire in him like Philip Rivers does, but he harnesses it better. It also helps that Arizona's WRs are better than San Diego's. It should be noted, however, that San Diego runs the ball better, which puts Arizona's offense at risk of becoming one-dimensional. Both teams have a Cromartie in their secondary, and both secondaries force a lot of INTs. Neither team is anything special against the run. I understand that Arizona stopped Atlanta's running game, but they still allowed a high YPC average against both Carolina and Philadelphia, which means I remain skeptical of their "improvement" against the run. The mistake that Carolina and Philadelphia both made is not running the ball enough. Granted, Philadelphia's defense **** the bed, but Carolina has no excuses whatsoever. The good news is, we can put pressure on a QB without having to resort to exotic blitzes like Philadelphia, so we're less susceptible to being burnt by screen passes and such. Ultimately, I think Arizona will score fewer points than normal, but we will allow more points than normal. The two keys to this game are how our offense, and our running game in particular, performs against their defense, and also which team makes fewer mistakes. It will probably be a somewhat close game, with the winner winning by fewer than 10 points, but I feel confident in our ability to win it. If we run the ball effectively and limit turnovers (one turnover is all we can afford to commit), then that should give us a decided edge in this game. However, if we can't run the ball, or if we commit multiple turnovers, then that could put our defense in a bad spot against a potent passing game, and we would then run the risk of being upset on the big stage. Super Bowl XLIII is ours to lose. Let's make sure not to.