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Well didn't Ed Bouchette write the article? The man knows his stuff and is a very good writer. I just think this article blows and its lame suggesting that this team compares to the 2002 and 2003 Steelers teams.

One big difference the QB for one. I thought Tommy had a very good year in 2002. But it was rather stupid of Cowher and the Steelers coaches to think Maddox had the talent to carry this team in 2003.
These teams look more and more alike each week. Maybe it isn't Ben turning the ball over like Maddox but we are still turning the ball over. That combined with some quick scores puts our D is on the field too much. If you ask me as of right now these teams have more in common than not. One thing I'd like to point out though is that this years team is far better talent wise and should be able to turn this around.
And I agree that our D is not built to play in these highscoring games. More times than not we lose them because the D can't stop anyone. Last year we could score quick and then turn to the run to win the game. Not so this year. Should tell you how much The Bus meant to this team.