Staph Infection Confirmed By Browns Camp

POSTED: 2:53 pm EDT October 27, 2006
UPDATED: 4:52 pm EDT October 27, 2006

CLEVELAND -- In the past month, there have been several reports of staph infection outbreaks at area high schools, but now the Cleveland Browns are dealing with the serious skin condition.

NewsChannel5 reported that in the past two years, the Browns have had five cases of staph infection.

The latest was just a month ago and it involved Browns center LeCharles Bentley.

No one knew at the time Bentley suffered a season-ending torn patella tendon that his rehabilitation would be sidelined by a case of staph infection.

Four weeks after surgery, Bentley was back at the Cleveland Clinic having another surgery performed to clean out a staph infection.

The Browns informed their medical partners of yet another case of staph because this was the fifth case in two years.

An investigation was then launched.

Browns General Manager Phil Savage said the problem could be league-wide because the St. Louis Rams have had multiple cases as well.

The last case of staph for the Browns was with Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow, who lost 30 pounds.
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Looks like the Cleveland Browns can never catch a darn break anymore. I swear this team is so cursed it isn't becoming funny anymore. This is a real blow to them. God forbid this hits our guys. This is a serious thing here.