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Thread: What's your level of confidence?

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    What's your level of confidence?

    On a scale of 1-10 ..... 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, what's your level of confidence that this 2008 Steelers team has what it takes to get to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on Feburary 1st 2009?

    I'll be perfectly honest, I'm not at all confident that our O-line has what it takes to win the next 3 at this level? ..... Defense, no worries ..... it's an entirely different feeling. We definately have a SB caliber D .....

    Overall, I'm a 5 right now ...........
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    Well it changes with whom we will play round one...But with our Defense i'm at about a 7.5

    "He's running around there, running his mouth, doing all that, but if you watch him on film and really look, where was Ray Lewis? He was nowhere to be found. I could have tackled the water boy and had as many tackles as him. He didn't do nothing today. He's all mouth. When you talk like that, that's what happens: You get hit in the mouth. He's over there crying now, thinking about what went wrong. You got your *** whipped, that's what." ~ Peazy

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    I`m a
    I like our chances!
    We haven`t been blown out, we`ve been in every game!
    Ben at times, especially
    with the game on the line, has come up huge.
    That will continue!
    Our defense? No Worries!
    Our Offense? Some, but not enough.
    I`m thinking about our SBXL run through the playoffs, on the road!
    Ben came up huge! Against Cinci, Denver, and Indy.
    We have a week off, we have a home game, maybe 2 home games.
    Steelers Roll!
    Steelers Rule!
    Am I a homer? Probably, but our defense will give us every oppurtunity that we need.

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    I would have to say my CL is a 5 as well... as you said the D is already there and it's going to depend on the offense. As someone else stated here the O is ranked last amongst all playoffs teams and there D has carried the Steelers especially down the stretch. Right now there are too many unknowns, such as Ben and his concussion... how will he respond? Will he being seeing things in a fog and feel like he one step away every time he tries to do something? Can he drop back and deliver the ball to make the offense look somewhat effective and how he has was able to do so late in the game against the Ravens.

    We all know he holds the ball to long trying to make something happen, which in turn makes the o-line look bad. Can Parker elevate his level play at least two notches? There are just so many unknowns right now with the offense that I'm not confident... My 5 would be lower but since the D is just that damn good it's what is carrying my 5 right now. As long as the D can hold strong and the O not put the D in a position where the back is against the wall then this Steelers team has a chance.

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    It will all depend on whether or not Ben and this offense can stop turning the ball over in key situations like it has done so many times this season especially in all 4 losses the Steelers have had. If the defense plays like it has all year and the offense starting with Ben doesnot turn the ball over I give the Steelers chances of getting to Tampa about an 8.5.

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    I really think I feel 9 or 10 based on the Def and Ben being able to pull big games out. I know we got stomped by the titans, but I think they only added fuel to the fire, and set them selves up for failer in a rematch against us. If we play the Colts, then the Titans I really feel 10+. I like our chances against any team that we have lost too this year. The Steelers are always great in rematches, and this year should be no different. At least against the Golts, and Giants. The Dolphins, Chargers, and Ravens could be more dangerous, but we should clean them out too. 12-4, with the toughest schedule since the 1976 Giants is bad ***, and this team finds ways to win games. I feel strong that we will be holding our 6th trophy at the end of the year, and this Def unit will be looked at as the greatest of all time.

    Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.......

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    I'll go with an 8. We have everything it takes to do it, but will it be used properly...that is the question. I think the vets of this team pull the group together and get it done IN SPITE OF our other problems.

    And I am in fact a self-admitted homer and proud of it.

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    Based on our defense and special teams coverage unit's Im a 10 but when you factor in the inconsistent offense it drops to probably a 7 right now. We'll just have to wait and see how well the offense adapts in the playoffs and how many big plays the defense can come up with to set the offense up in good field position.

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    I'll say 4.

    Obviously the Defense is Superb but I don't think it's enough to cover-up the glaring weakness of the offensive line, an Idiot for an OC, a non-factor running game and a Hot and Cold Quarterback.

    Sooner or later something has got to give and that's why I refuse to get too excited about the Steelers in the playoffs.

    The Steelers might win their first round game but I think that's as far as they get.

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    Guess i'll go with 6
    Like everyone's stated our "D" will give us a chance,,,,,,,,,My biggest worry is Ben turning the ball over ,,,,,, if he doesn't throw picks,I would give us an 8

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