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Thread: Top 32 of the 09 draft!

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    Top 32 of the 09 draft!

    1. WR Michael Crabtree*, Texas Tech
    The nation's premiere threat at receiver. He has the entire package and is destined to become one of the NFL's top wide receivers.
    2. OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss
    A powerful, well-proportioned tackle with light feet and impressive body control on the outside. He possesses the ideal skill set for a NFL left tackle.
    3. DE Brian Orakpo, Texas
    An explosive athlete with a powerful frame and good flexibility in his lower half. He will be able to rush the passer as a 4-3 defensive end or a 3-4 outside linebacker.
    4. DT Terrence Cody*, Alabama
    A massive two-gap nose tackle who eats up blockers and clogs run lanes; he's ideal for a 3-4 defense.
    5. OT Andre Smith*, Alabama
    A nimble-footed tackle with great body control and agility. He may be best-suited to play on the right side because of his girth.
    6. ILB Brandon Spikes*, Florida
    A do-it-all linebacker who displays great power in the box and fluidity in space. He's the kind of athlete you can build a defense around.
    7. FS Taylor Mays*, USC
    A physically imposing safety who can play near the line of scrimmage and has great range against the pass.
    8. QB Sam Bradford*, Oklahoma
    He's the nation's most accurate passer. He has all the intangibles to mature into a productive NFL quarterback.
    9. CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State
    A natural cover man who has the footwork and transition skills to stay with receivers in and out of their breaks.
    10. DE Aaron Maybin*, Penn State
    This undersized defensive end showcases the first step and the closing speed to consistently get after the passer. He plays a lot more stout than his 245-pound frame would indicate.
    11. LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
    An impressive sideline-to-sideline athlete who tracks the ball well in pursuit. He has good power inside, and plays the run and pass both equally well.
    12. TE Jermaine Gresham*, Oklahoma
    He possesses the body control and athleticism of a wide receiver with the frame of a big-time tight end.
    13. RB Chris Wells*, Ohio State
    He exhibits a rare blend of speed, burst and agility for a man of his dimensions (6 feet 1, 230 pounds).
    14. DT Gerald McCoy*, Oklahoma
    The nation's most disruptive interior lineman. He has a powerful lower body, with the quickness to shoot gaps and make plays behind the line of scrimmage.
    15. LB Rey Maualuga, USC
    He has the power to fill run lanes and destroy ballcarriers on contact. He is a much better athlete than given credit for.
    16. QB Matthew Stafford*, Georgia
    He has the physical skill set to make scouts drool, but after a somewhat disappointing junior campaign, questions remain about his accuracy and intangibles.
    17. DT B.J. Raji, Boston College
    An explosive nose tackle with a great first step and a powerful lower half He has the ability to simply overwhelm offensive linemen at the point of attack.
    18. WR Percy Harvin*, Florida
    An explosive playmaker in every sense of the word. He can line up at running back or in the slot and will add a lot of versatility to an NFL team's passing attack.
    19. DT Peria Jerry, Ole Miss
    He has played as well as any defensive tackle in the nation and is really shooting up draft boards. He has good girth, with the quickness to shoot gaps and blow up plays inside.
    20. DE George Selvie*, USF
    He exhibits the most explosive first step off the line of any defensive end in the country. He is a bit limited with his pass rush repertoire but he is a consistent factor off the edge.
    21. OT Eben Britton*, Arizona
    A long, smooth-footed tackle who has shot up draft boards. He has all the tools, but lacks any kind of real explosion to his game.
    22. CB Vontae Davis*, Illinois
    The nation's most athletically gifted corner. Davis displays the size, speed and body control to be a star; he just needs to polish his technique a bit.
    23. DE Everette Brown, Florida State
    One of the most productive ends in the nation, Brown has a good first step and an excellent motor in pursuit. He uses his hands well on the outside and knows how to turn the corner.
    24. OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia
    A dancing bear on the outside with good length and smooth feet in pass protection. He needs to continue to add more strength, but he has the quickness to handle speed off the edge.
    25. WR Jeremy Maclin*, Missouri
    An explosive receiver who has really polished his route-running ability since last season. He is dynamic with the ball in his hands and is a constant vertical threat.
    26. OT Russell Okung*, Oklahoma State
    He is a bit undersized and needs to add some girth to his frame, but Okung may have the best feet and body control of any tackle in the nation.

    27. DT Sen'Derrick Marks*, Auburn
    An undersized, quick-twitch tackle who makes a living in opponents' backfields. He has an explosive first step and the lower-body strength to fight through blocks.
    28. OT Trent Williams*, Oklahoma
    Blessed with the feet of a left tackle and the size and power of a right tackle, Williams will continue to shoot up draft boards after a dominant 2008 campaign.
    29. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey*, Maryland
    One of the premier vertical threats in the draft, Heyward-Bey combines size (6-2) and speed (4.35) to consistently get down the field and create big plays.
    30. LB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State
    A smart, instinctive linebacker who has a nose for the ball. He plays the game the way it is supposed to be played and relies on his technique and smarts to make up for his physical shortcomings.
    31. RB Knowshon Moreno*, Georgia
    One of the most instinctive runners to come along in years, Moreno has great vision and the ability to run between the tackles and create plays in the open field.
    32. CB Sean Smith*, Utah
    He's 6-3 and scouts still are tying to determine his position at the next level. He exhibits the fluidly and body control to become a top press corner in the NFL.

    Two thoughts here, I highlighted Okung, because his is the closest Tackle to where we will be picking, I`m thinking we get the 32nd pick.
    Also with the first pick in the draft, Crabtree is rated No.1, would the Lions dare take another 1st round wr?

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    By now I would hope that the Lions figure out they need more than receivers. They might pick one with their second first round pick but shouldn't with their first pick overall.

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    its gonna be QB all the way for them. Either Bradford or Stafford. by some outside chance they dont, i see them going O Line or LB

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    i dont see any of these QB starting next year in pro.... andre smith, crabtree, cody, and maualuga could be the best draft pick next year...IMO... i can see maginest get replaced by maualuga.... cody to the lions... crabtree might end up replacing ocho cinco or wtf his name is

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    no way does Crabtree go 1st.... First round yes but not first.

    13 before a RB goes, WTF! theres 5 RB's better than the RB Chris Wells mentioned here.
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    lions need to trade down... (last year) i would have said rookie QB's suck, but than flacco and ryan had to ruin that thinking

    we draft well... im not too worried who were gonna pick prolly a couple OL, hopefully a DL, KR/PR, TE perhaps late, DB as well somewhere
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    #32 is a CB, looks like if we go BPA we will get a CB

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    did anyone watch the alabama game.... they got spanked hard by Utah, the only undefeated team in college.... they should start thinnking about playoffs

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    Shooting For Ducks?

    I have been looking at the players available near the spots where we will draft and I am intrigued by 2 players from the Oregon Ducks. First of all the Ducks had the #2 rushing offense in division IA football at 280.1 yards per game. They have one of the top centers in this years draft named Max Unger who can play any position on the line including LT. They left him at center because they had another mauler named Fenuki Tupou (another samoan) who played LT for them and this was their dominant side they ran most of their plays to. These guys are currently ranked 29th (Unger) and 68th (Tupou). I'm sure Dennis Dixon will gladly give some insider scouting reports on both of them to Coach Tomlin.

    Here is the pre-season scouting report before they finished the season with the second best rushing offense in division IA football.

    Offensive Line

    Projected Starters: Although two starters must be replaced, the core of an offensive line that was very good in 2007 returns intact. The cornerstone of the unit will again be senior Max Unger, one of the Pac-10’s premier blockers and a starter over the last 38 games in-a-row. At 6-5 and 300 pounds, he has the feet and intelligence to literally play any position on the line, but is likely to remain at center, where he can orchestrate the rest of the unit. At the next level, he’s talented enough to excel as a left tackle.

    Unger’s move to center last season was made possible by the emergence of senior LT Fenuki Tupou, who earned Second Team All-Pac-10 honors in his first year out of junior college. At 6-6 and 322 pounds, he’s a mauler as a run blocker and a rapidly improving pass protector. He had his national coming-out party in last year’s Sun Bowl, shutting down South Florida’s George Selvie, an All-American and the nation’s leader in sacks.

    Strength: The left side. From Unger at the pivot out to Tupou at left tackle, the Ducks boast a dominating left side of the line that’ll be the focus of the offense’s running plays and quarterback’s rollouts. Don’t discount Kendall, who has fringe all-league potential if he can stay healthy for the entire year.

    Adding these two guys to the roster would give us all sorts of options since they both can play LT and Unger has played and excelled for 2 years at center.

    Let Marvel Smith, Max Starks, and Kendall Simmons walk and we free up 18 mil in cap space.

    Keep Chris Kemoeatu, Justin Hartwig, Darnell Stapleton, Willie Colon, Trai Essex, Tony Hills. The line could look like this for next year:

    LT Tupou | LG Kemoeatu | C Unger | RG Hartwig | RT Colon or Hills

    Reserves: G/T Essex, G/C Stapleton, T Hills

    Something to chew on anyways.

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    Sounds like you got this all figured out B&G4evr Works for me !!!!

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