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Thread: ESPN at it again.

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    Yeah, it would take more money than any of us have to get those Brady lovers to say something nice about the Steelers.
    Who Ride?! WE RIDE!!! Long live the Boot!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    i think we should make willie parker eat lots and lots of cake so we have a power running game

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    They have it right. They apparently see the same thing all of US do, which is if our guys could lose the "fumblitis" they have goin on, we WOULD be at the top of this division, because our guys truly do have the most talent and knowledge of the game over all.

    The talent is there, and we're seeing signs of how dominating this team CAN be--if they'd just play the whole game out and stop dropping the ball. (Reference the KC game).

    Think about the game against Cincy (and some of our other opps) for a moment. Up until the last quarter, the Bengals were sitting on the sidelines -- heads hanging, totally dejected. Why? Because they knew we were playing better than they were, and knew they wouldn't be able to beat us. What happened? WE DROPPED THE BALL. That's all it took to change the whole course of the game.

    Against some of the other opps, our guys played only half heartedly during the second half.

    The Bengals won that game--(as did several of our other opponents in later games) NOT because they were the "better" team, and I think that everyone who watched it--including the people from ESPN knows it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ_Steeler View Post
    Holy crap!! Are you sure that wasn't doctored up by anybody

    Salisbury has actually been trying to get in the Steelers jocks now the past few weeks so he doesn't suprise me much wiht his comments. Didn't he pick the Miami Dolphins to go to the Super Bowl ... if so, now he needs to find a backup team
    He needed one for them before opening night. They've been eliminated from Playoff contention since then.

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    Salisbury Steak is the biggest joke ESPN ever hired besides Joe "I think I know everything" Theismann

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    Salisbury tries to be too hip and cool and act like he's buddy buddy with every athlete he talks about. Give it up dude and just talk football.

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