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Thread: Which Ben will we see in the postseason?

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    Which Ben will we see in the postseason?

    Which Ben do you think we'll get now that we're in the post season? Are we going to see the one that came back from the last concussion and played probably his worst game ever to date or will we get the Ben that rises to the occasion and wills this team to a win if the chips are down?
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    Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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    Who knows,,,,,if i knew that,,,i probably could pick the next winning lottery numbers

    We all hope it's the good Ben

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    hopefully the good ben... i cant stand the bad ben... makes me vomit

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    Whichever Ben shows up everyone will have 10 excuses for his play if its bad. Lets Hope Hot Ben shows up.
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    it's not like ben has to put up 400 yards passing and 4 TD's. if he just plays smart, doesn't throw picks, and doesn't apply the KY jelly to his throwing hand before the game, we'll be fine. the D can take care of the rest.
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    No excuses for Ben just facts! To me its more than which Ben? Its more like what offense? If we can establish the run, everything else will fall in place. If we cant then we will have to ride on Bens shoulders. And hope that Arians can identify quickly what plays will need called. Excuses or not, our line is not great, and if we don`t run well, Ben will be put in a bunch of 3rd and longs, and our receivers are to small to get off the line, to get the 10 yards quickly.
    IMO - Ben will play well, the offense will be up and down, but we will score enough to win.

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    Scalaid6 - You are a POS stay the F off this board you are ruining it with your ****!

    As for Ben, I hope the Ben that throws a max of 21 times shows up, that means we are running the ball control'n the clock! Fewer throws, fewer chances to F up!

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    Depends... if we see a OL that is like a swinging gate and Ben is running for his life, and were already behind in the game, so Ben is trying to force things just to make one big play... prolly going to see the Ben we dont wanna see.

    ps. People like Scalaid6 is why i left my old Steeler board. Take a deep breath and count to ten.
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    Which Ben will we see in the postseason?

    .... flip a coin.
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