Since its already been brought up, and Scalaid6 doesnt break the threads, LOL. Now that the regular season, his second, is over, what do you think of him?

I like his fire! Kinda Bill Cowher, but in his own unique way. The announcers always seem to love the guy. I think I would grade him a B+ for this season. We were suppose finish either 1st or 2nd behind the browns, LOL. And most writers thought that 8-8 or 9-7 would win our division. He has his team at 12-4, with a bye, and almost had home field. We`ve had alot of issues on offense, some can be blamed on coaching, some can`t. How many times on 3rd and 1, or 4th and 1, did we get stuffed, he can`t get the ball in, he can just call the play that should.'

Bottom line, after 32 regular season games, I`m on his side. I hope win or lose the rest of the way out, he makes the right off season moves, Fire Arians.