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Thread: Mike Tomlin?

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    Mike Tomlin?

    Since its already been brought up, and Scalaid6 doesnt break the threads, LOL. Now that the regular season, his second, is over, what do you think of him?

    I like his fire! Kinda Bill Cowher, but in his own unique way. The announcers always seem to love the guy. I think I would grade him a B+ for this season. We were suppose finish either 1st or 2nd behind the browns, LOL. And most writers thought that 8-8 or 9-7 would win our division. He has his team at 12-4, with a bye, and almost had home field. We`ve had alot of issues on offense, some can be blamed on coaching, some can`t. How many times on 3rd and 1, or 4th and 1, did we get stuffed, he can`t get the ball in, he can just call the play that should.'

    Bottom line, after 32 regular season games, I`m on his side. I hope win or lose the rest of the way out, he makes the right off season moves, Fire Arians.

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    I think he has done a very good job. I attribute the defense being number 1 as much to him as Dick. I think that he put his mark on on DB's and that has made the entire D excel. Many will say it is LeBeau, or the pressure from the LB's has made the DB's better. Well that may all be some what true, but I attribute the LB's play and overall success to the fact that the DB's have covered way better than in the past, thus giving LeBeau and the front 7 more time and options to do different things successfully.

    The offense has been terrible and of course this is Mike's responsibilty. Hopefully he'll address the OL first in the off season.

    Special teams have been very good other than our punter and that's one position that isn't as easy to fill after injury.

    The record which is the ultimate decider speaks for itself.

    I'll give him 100% for D, 90% ST, 60% for O, 95% for record.

    He averages out at 86%. I guess that's a B!

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    I like him much more this year then last year based on his emotion on the side line. He seems much more confident then last year, and seems to have the pulse of the players. However he has only shown that he is a good regular season coach and is going to need a playoff win or 3 to really get me on board. this team is good enough to win it all, and he needs to make sure that he has them ready for the run. Regular season I give him a B+ to an A. I like him that much so far...

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    Take away those FIVE turnovers by our qb and Tomlin WOULD have a playoff win. How do I feel about Tomlin? I feel hes SOFT. I love his sound bites but I resent him like I resented Cowher in 06 for not benching Ben when he was killing our team. Benching Mcnabb did wonders for him and the Eagles. To me 23 turnovers is too much for my qb. Tomlin also has that "blank" stare on his face all the time. I know alot of it has to do with the fact that he is listening to coaches relay information etc but frown or something. I will not give him credit for his record for the same reason I dont give Ben credit for his 50 wins. Tomlin is on a good team and should win. This schedule was killer and I personally feel that NO team was better than us and we should be 14-0 right now. I didnt agree with DelRio when he benched Byron for that bum Leftwich but he was man enough to do it. Just like Tomlin should have benched Ben when he had that bad stretch when he was claiming to be hurt and missing practices but not getting treatment. I like the Tomlin that disciplined Big Snack for coming to camp fat. I like the Tomlin that Benched Anthony Smith when he made many bad decisions. The Tomlin that sat Santonio for being Tommy Chong. No player is off limits. I dont know if the front office has mandated to Tomlin/Cowher that Ben is off limits or not. But at times the guy needs to sit out a few series to make him refocus because he has been killing us with putrid play. I love what Tomlin has done with the Dbs. Prior to Tomlin they were horrible. Lastly, I would rather have Brian Billick as our coach but he wasnt available when Cowher left. I dont give him a grade until the end of season, thats like grading a paper thats 3/4 done.

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    I'm on board with Tomlin football. I like how he handles himself and the fact that he keeps himself neutral until an emotional outburst is proper. He stays even keeled which helps make good decision. Now, I don't agree with all those decisions, but I can understand why he makes them.
    I reserve the right to change my mind after the off season moves though....

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    Mike is the man imo. i give him an A, to have the toughest schedule in the No Fun League in year two an to go 12-4 with an crappy O-line an a crappy O-line coach, an a very stupid predictable offensive coordinator he has accomplished an lot, he has put his stamp on the defense, an he has made our special teams play look very special this year, this is the first time our special teams has look so good all year long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 60 Minute Man View Post
    Mike is the man imo. i give him an A, to have the toughest schedule in the No Fun League in year two an to go 12-4 with an crappy O-line an a crappy O-line coach, an a very stupid predictable offensive coordinator he has accomplished an lot, he has put his stamp on the defense, an he has made our special teams play look very special this year, this is the first time our special teams has look so good all year long.
    thank you... thats the bottom line... end of story

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    I think he's done well so far. I'll wait till I see some of his second off season moves first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scalaid6 View Post
    Let me give you an example of Ben bashing. Ben is a bum. He sucks, the guy cant even throw a fricking pass. Why is Ben our qb he is the dumbest qb in the NFL that guy has got to go! I dont bash Ben sir.

    Scalaid merely reports what Ben does on the field- Did Ben throw 5 picks vs the Jags last sesaons playoffs? YEP. Should Ben have been benched in the middle of the season? Matter of opinion but most fans thought so (until healthy).
    Again, unless you can show me ONE LIE I have told on Ben then I suggest you guys quit acting like school kids. "Teacher, Scalaid is talking about Ben again" Yeah, do what the other guy "says he does" and Ignore my posts. Simple

    --- Added 1/1/2009 at 12:11 AM ---

    There can be 20 Threads about Tomlin/Arians sucking but talk about His Highness and guys act like youve commited a technical foul. Tomlin has a chance to win the whole thing as The Steelers are by far the best team but I believe hes too soft to make a stand. Lastly, NO Steelers site has in its terms of argreement a rule about talking about a player and or coach, so to get banned for Ben bashing would be a NEW RULE and a lie because I dont Ben Bash I report what he does. If there was such a rule then wouldnt Tomlin and Arians bashing apply as well? I get it, its ok to point out their negatives, just not Bens. GOTCHA.
    Tomlin also, needs to understand when to spike the ball and when not to spike it. Dont know if it is him Ben or Arians. Clock management needs to be practiced.
    i have not ever said a word to you before so i am not just someone else trying to support my claim that you are a "ben Basher" but honestly how can you say that he is not a great player and the face of our franchise when he has the most wins over any other quarterback in the history of the NFL at this point in his career as well as the 16 or 17 fourth quarter comebacks he has had? Oh and sure i think he may make some bad decisions sometimes (see colts game) but he is a winner and if you dont see that then you obviously dont really know anything at all about football. Ben is my quarterback and i would take him over any other quarterback in the league. so if your really not going to post anything but the same crap about how ben sucks then i really think you should leave this site and try and see if your idiotic beliefs catch on somewhere else because i dont want to read them anymore. thank you

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    As far as Tomlin goes and once friggin again getting a thread back on track. I'd say given this teams success this year in the face of a crazy schedule I'd give him a B. I'd say give him an A but there were times when are gameplan was so whacked out and we beat our heads against the wall that it just wasn't anything but bad. That Philly game was the worst, we were so overmatched and overcoached it wasn't even funny. As far as the regular season goes I'd say a solid B right now.

    Another thing about Tomlin that I like is that he's a no nonsense guy. I like that about him, he won't waiver from the task at hand or make excuses for poor play. He's still learning how to be a head coach in this league but so far his on the job training has gotten us to the playoffs twice inspite of ourselves last year and this because of ourselves ( well the defense at least). I'd love to just have like 30 minutes with the guy to talk to him about football and really get a feel of what he's thinking and how he approaches games in a way that we as fans don't get to see.
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