SteelerFan87 very good points and I agree. Sure Kordell had his short comings. But after Chan Gailey left after the 1997 season to become the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Kordell was never the same. See Chan had a system in place that played Kordell's strengths. Where Ray Sherman and Keven Gillbride system's didn't take advantage of Kordell's strengths and they tried to make Kordell into something he wasn't and that was a typical pocket passer.

Most of the time players are only as good as the systme they are in. Even Joe Montana who was one of the greatest QB's ever had the system that fit him perfect. In Joe Montana also Bill Walsh had the perfect QB for his west coast system. It goes hand to hand.

Thats why I hope who ever replaces Bill Cowher as HC takes advantage of Ben Roethlisbergers full talents. I think Cowher and company has handled Ben alright his first two years. But its time to build this team around Ben and let him take full control of the offense.