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Thread: Steelers vs. Titans (Wk. 16) L 14-31

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troyisabeast_43 View Post
    They arent going to lay down. They will come out and play better and be ready to go come playoff time...Getting the 2 seed could end up being a blessing in disguise guys because the Steelers might not have to see Indy or Baltimore the two teams playing better then anybody in the AFC right now their first playoff game...
    The Browns just got shutout by the Bengals today...They are going to come out pissed off over that with the intentions to ruin the Steelers post season. The Steelers will again play uninspired and limp into the playoffs, just like last year...Watch... I don't get my hopes up with this team anymore...not this year, with this bunch of Offensive superstars....

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    Game Summary

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    This game was not important to us? I beg to differ. We just gave the Titans more ammo. Next time we meet them they'll be at full strength...and what did they do to us today....without to of their very best players? They wiped the field with us.
    Kerry Collins looked like Montana and Ben looked like a deer in headlight's.
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