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Thread: Did anyone else notice the clock didn't stop ?

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    House of Steel
    We all seen the reaction of Hines on that call, he Slammed his helmet to the turf. I would of too. Not only would I've done that, I would of flipped the damn bird at him.

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    Hines wears his emotions on his shirt sleeve just like many of the players do. He knew at that point our chance of winning was severely diminished. I don't blame him one bit. He's frustrated just like the rest of the team and all us fans at how this season is going.

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    I don't put all the blame on refs. Every team gets bad calls against them at some point. With this game it never should have come to that call being a factor if you ask me. We had a chance to put the Falcons away early in that game and once again failed to do it. Not only that our D forgot to play the second have again! It's seems to be the same things costing us game.
    ST's, no D in the second half and TO's. You won't beat good teams this way.

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