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Thread: Big Ben post game press conference

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    Big Ben post game press conference

    I'm not sure how many of you Steeler addicts noticed Ben's shirt in his post game press conference this past Sunday, but I wanted to introduce Muze Clothing and offer all of you 20% off by simply entering "bigben" in the promo code. Ben was wearing one our new thermals, "It's Not a Motorcycle Baby, It's a Chopper." We pair classic movie lines with compelling graphics and print them on the finest cotton. Ben is a big fan of our line and thought a shirt may make a nice holiday gift for that Steeler fan in your life. Check out the pic and then take a look around the site. Go Steelers!

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    Thanks to BB2W for the sig

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    Yes it probably is, but considering he did make an effort to mention Big Ben we have given less than 24 hours meet our demands!

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    It's cool how he took Ben wearing one to his press conference and came here to see if we were so homerish we would spend 55 F'in dollars for a damn T-shirt just because Ben wears one.
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