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do you not watch the games, or just wait for the outcome?? ben is not a smart football player, sure he won us teh game, but if you watch the whole game, he plays very stupid, why do you think he's sacked so much, cause he's to stupid throw it away or a quick dump off..........

and ppl, stop getting butt hurt over my post, my post are posted in real time, i don't look towards the future, i just post what i see as i see it.......... i realize one play can make all my post pointless and like i'm just talking out of my ***, but i don't care abotu what might happen, i only care about what is happening at taht moment, and at the moment of the post you are quoting, ben was playing stupid
I Agree..I totally cuss the whole team when we are playing bad...and I have since 78...but no matter what I say..I still love them too...GO STEELERS